Vaginal herbs from Suriname composed on the basis of thorough research.

Andural: Vaginal herbs from Suriname, formulated on the basis of thorough research.

Many women like to make themselves beautiful and also to feel beautiful and give a lot of attention to this. Unfortunately, intimate hygiene is often skipped, while this is just as important as the rest of the body. Andural has created two products that help maintain a woman's intimate parts. Good intimate care can contribute to greater self-confidence and extra pleasure in the bedroom with your partner. The products are also good for the uterus, for getting pregnant and for after childbirth.

Andural stands for natural health and that is why the products consist only of natural ingredients. These are based on scientific Surinamese research, in collaboration with the FHR Institute. As a result, the bags are friendly to your body and do not contain any harmful substances. The Andu tubers provide the pleasant scent, the Bisangoela leaves provide reinforcement, and the Redi cotton leaves create the antibiotic effect. Redi cotton has been known in Suriname for years as the cotton used for vaginal steam baths, and helps to warm the uterus.

The Andu-Redica cotton sachets combat unpleasant vaginal odors by cleaning the vagina after menstruation. You no longer have to worry about your vaginal odor, which will give your self-confidence a boost. It also helps women who have difficulty getting pregnant by warming the uterus. This can be done by creating a vaginal steam bath with the Andu-Redika cotton.

Vaginal herbs from Suriname composed on the basis of thorough research.

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The Andu-Bisangula pouches are created for the muscles around the vagina. You can use these bags to tighten these muscles. This can be very nice after the birth, but also adds something extra in the bedroom. You can also create a steam bath with these bags.

How does it work? You can use this product easily.

First bring 500 ml of water to the boil and then pour it into a (night) bucket. Then let 1 Azdural sachet in the water for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then remove the bag from the water and let the water cool to a comfortable temperature. Then squat over the (night) bucket and steam the vagina for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Pay attention to how often you use each product. You can only steam a maximum of 3 times a week, and not during menstruation. You can also create a maximum of 3 steam baths with each bag.

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