Locs and stuff program for locs and naturals

Join my new channel: Locs and Stuff

From bustling Brooklyn, NY, I create content for you every week. Photos, videos and blogs mainly about locs, hair care and hair products.

To provide you with even better content, you can now join my channel; Locs and Stuff!

If you have questions about locs, Sisterlocks, Micro Locs, Dreadlocks, your hair or products, as a member you will not only get an answer to your question, you can also experience live demonstrations, ask questions and submit requests, but there is much more. 

1) You will be the first to get access to new content and new products.

2) Exclusive access to the 2 weekly members live session that highlights frequently discussed topics and answers personal questions.

Questions like, How do I get started with locs? What types of locomotives are there? What can I expect from locs? How can I best take care of my locs, will be discussed in detail.

3) Special offers like free shipping.

4) A giveaway every month.

Subscribing only costs 10 euros per month and is very simple. Click the Paypal button at the bottom of the page to subscribe! 

Some videos. Click for more Locs and Stuff videos.

Subscribing is very simple. Click the Paypal button below of the page to subscribe!


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