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Trump, the US Elections and His 100 Days Policy

Along with the majority of Americans, I have regretted how Trump has won the election in an unprecedented and unpredictable way. I, who eight years ago was full of hope from the very first day I heard Obama speak and had every confidence that he could win, I never thought Trump stood a chance. I was clearly mistaken.

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Alec Baldwin as Trump on the SNL show Saturday Night Live.

The loss was super painful, I won't deny that. I felt it deeply, really deeply for Hillary Clinton. A woman who has devoted her entire life to public service has lost out to a sexist con man who does not dare to disclose his tax returns and for whom charity consists of making life-sized posters of oneself.

Now a democracy is just a democracy. If you've lost, you're supposed to lick the wounds, heal and get up as soon as possible to get back to work for the next election. That also happens, but the country is divided and that does not just happen.

Gerry mandering (redistricting areas), voters oppression and the Russian interference has created deep wounds. It will take time to heal them. What hurts me more is reading pieces like Bchamchandralalli, a writer with whom I do not always agree, but for whom I have quite a bit of respect. I was terrified to read his last piece.

First, the fact that he compares Trump to Obama, writes that Obama had the media with him and Trump had the media against him, is certainly not correct. Obama was not on the list at all. It was about Hillary versus Trump.

According to the writer, the media would favor Clinton in the media and even edit images to put Clinton in a better light. Nothing could be further from the truth, because the piece of film that is being talked about does not exist. This is an attempt to anger news organizations such as CNN. I can't say I'm a CNN fan, but what I do know is that they do FACT checking and if they make a blunder, it gets straightened out right away. They may not even do it because they are so good, but because the competition is fierce and reliability is paramount.

See here the complete list of women who all have almost the same stories

If you really want facts about media coverage, look at how much more Trump has been in the news compared to Hillary. Trump knows better than anyone how to play the media, which has only helped him in the last election. The more ridiculous the things he shouted, the better the ratings. The more idiotic the tweets, the more commotion. That was his power. He now calls the same media that made him fake news and even "the enemy".

Worst of all, I think the writer says "The media companies have thrown those "naughty" statements into the sensational machine and released them through all channels, including social media."

First of all, if you want to talk about the bias media and Obama, you should check how often the video of Candidaad Obama's pastor has been broadcast, in which he makes racist statements. It is and remains one of the unforgettable points in that election campaign at the time because candidate Obama spoke directly against all advice in the people with the best speech about racism ever.

Second, I'm sorry to say it, but only a man can say "naughty statements" when it comes to sexual assault. Trump literally says "Grab them by the pussy." If you seriously knew how many women unintentionally experience these kinds of what you call naughty statements on a daily basis, you would definitely talk differently. As a woman I know what I am talking about. Think for a moment what you would do as a father if men did this to your dear daughters. Is it still just "a naughty statement?"

The writer completely ignores the fact that several women have made statements that Trump has indeed assaulted them, see:

Then there is the section that is supposedly about peace with the Russians. In case you didn't know, it's about a super big oil deal, the biggest possible ever. The new Secretary of state is a well-known oil tycoon who has long wanted to merge with the largest Russian oil company. President Obama had put a stop to that because he didn't think it was in America's favor. Check out this video. You probably also missed the news broadcasts about the connections with Russia and the Dakota Access Pipeline. What I'm saying is, Trump doesn't strike me as a peaceful person.

While he shouts that Americans should buy more national products, he himself produces cheaply in, yes, China. I'm not even talking about his cheating practices of Trump University and the small business owners he never paid.

I could go on for hours, but I still have too much serious work to do. What hopefully helps is to give you the following. When something comes along that piques your interest, check the source. CNN, New York Times, Rachel Maddow, BBC, WABC, WNYC, Washington Post, are all organizations that base real news on fact. That doesn't mean you should take it for granted. You just always have to use your own mind and form your own opinion, but these organizations have been in the business for years and set the highest standards when it comes to reporting.

Furthermore, despite my negative bias towards Trump, I really try very hard to do my very best, at least to look out for good policy decisions with a neutral view. It is not easy. Possibly because they have not yet been forthcoming, but who knows if they will come? Anyway, as they say here in the US; Stay Woke!

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