My opinion about Surinamese hair

A person's haircut is often the first thing you see, and everyone has an opinion about someone else's hair. Beautiful, not beautiful, neat, unkempt, you name it. And although we often deny it, the opinion of "the man on the street" is important to us. We have found a man willing to give his opinion about her, and in particular about the hair in Suriname.  


What I think about frizzy hair…
Suriname is a very unique country. In Suriname you have different types of people with different hair types. People with smooth hair, with frizzy hair, with curly hair and others with something in between.
It is natural to have frizzy hair in this mixed society. I like frizzy hair when it looks good and well-groomed. On others, I don't think it looks neat, but that will depend on how that person handles it.
Having frizzy hair seems like a challenge to me. It is a hair type that demands a lot from you, if you want to look good and attractive. Smooth hair, for example, you hardly need to comb to look good, but with uncombed frizzy hair you can hardly go out on the street.
Typically for a mixed Surinamese like me, I don't have frizzy hair, nor smooth hair, but something in between. If I had to describe my hair, it would be hard for me to. My mother has frizzy hair and my father has smooth hair.
For me as a male person, my hair is actually not very important. It should look neat, but it doesn't have to be perfect. As soon as it gets too long, it's time to go to the hairdresser.
If I had frizzy hair, I wouldn't mind at all. I would make sure it looked neat. Guys with curly hair can do something nice with it. You can braid it or even put a medium like s-curl or something in front of it.
Enough talking about the gentlemen, I continue with the (Surinamese) woman with frizzy hair.
It seems to me more challenging for a woman than for a man to deal with frizzy hair. When a man is tired of his hair, he may decide to shave it off. A woman will rarely choose this, but she doesn't have to!
There are plenty of options for women to create beautiful hairstyles with frizzy hair.
For example, a woman can opt for an afro, straighten, weave or apply false braids. With professional advice and assistance, you should certainly succeed in turning your hair into something beautiful. The last thing she should do, I think, is make 'dessert'.
I wouldn't mind having a girlfriend with frizzy hair. Admittedly, I wouldn't choose for her to cheat. Keeping your haircut 'natural' is ideal!
If I had a friend with frizzy hair and she straightened, I wouldn't mind either. As long as it was done properly and neatly. It seems to me the best, for example, to braid the hair in an exclusive model or to make a nice and well-groomed afro. Pure nature.
I think that people in Suriname generally pay too little attention to hair care. This is disadvantageous for people with frizzy hair, as their hairstyle looks extra unkempt compared to other hair types.
You often see people with frizzy hair put on fake braids and leave them for a long time. You also see that they leave their weave for a long time, until it becomes sloppy. It is also sloppy or careless straightening.
I think this is all due to a rather unprofessional 'hair care world' in Suriname, which is a shame. I think hair, especially on a woman, should be a jewel!
Anonymous Surinamer