My 1st Exhibition in New York

My 1st Exhibition in New York

frizzy hair exhibition After showing part of my collection of curly hair portraits, I was invited to exhibit at the prestigious art gallery Casa Frela in Manhattan New York. For a month, my magnified photos hung in the beautiful Brown Stone, which is not only part of the Harlem Art Walking Tour (HAWT), but also where Beyonce shot her famous "If I Were a Boy" video.

The best thing about this exhibition was that Kroeshaar had all the attention for a full month in all its glory. To make it even more attractive and interesting, I also organized special activities every weekend. Besides a reception there was also a head wrap workshop on the program, as well as the documentary "My Nappy Roots", a hair workshop and the Going Natural hair show.

The opening reception was already great for me. Every photo had a story and I loved being able to tell the story behind a haircut.

In my enthusiasm I asked everyone which one they thought was the most beautiful portrait. Almost unanimously everyone chose the portrait of Brooklyn lawyer Lurie Daniel Favors, with an insanely full and dense afro.

A good friend of mine, William Pace, who first saw my work, noticed that as a photographer I disarmed people. Through the colorful portraits, he could see that people opened up to me easily and that, he says, is a gift that made each photo even more special. For me that was the compliment of the evening. Bill, as we call him, is a film director and teacher at the New York School. After that compliment from such a renowned talent, with a keen eye for everything that has to do with images, the exhibition really could not go wrong.

The Going Natural her show was also a great success. The world's most famous frizzy hair salons Khamit Kinks, Twists and Curves and Locs and Chops have spared no expense to show their best side. The haircuts were phenomenal. Here's a slide show of the hairstyles and videos from the reception. I am very curious about your response.

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