Sabi Wiri Dei 2005

On Friday December 30, 2005 a Sabi Wiri Dei will be held for the second time in Paramaribo. From 2 a.m., the public can view and purchase hair products, books, hair jewelry, etc. for the last and most festive day of the year 7. The program starts at 2005 a.m. with ao.

a lecture on the history and care of frizzy hair

a hair show with traditional, modern and surprising party hairstyles for 2006

natural solutions for problems such as dry hair and hair breakage

Do you have a special request or question?
Mail it now so that your question can be answered during the lecture.

Do you remember the last show? It was packed, so come early. Watch the 2003 show.

Nicole Simpson, the hostess. Models of Zusbena

Finally another Sabi Wiri Dei! Again in theater Unique, Paramaribo.

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