Sabi Wiri Dei 2006

Models Damaris

Models Damaris

Sabi Wiri Deic

Place: Theater Unique 


Date/Time: January 5, 20:00

The 2nd Sabi Wiri Dei in Unique was even more successful than the first. "Many political parties would be jealous of such a turnout," commented one visitor with a chuckle. The hall was again overcrowded.


During a normal walk through Paramaribo I noticed how many kroesedes there were. I was also extremely pleased with the image of the 2nd Sabi Wiri Dei. Where at the first lecture the hall was full of relaxed-haired people and a handful of frizzy-haired people, this time it was the other way around. The biggest compliment I've ever had is that it's all because of me. I can't possibly praise myself, but not only friends, also hairdressers and the "ordinary" people on the street told me that I have caused a hair revolution. While I still find it hard to believe, I do love to hear it and, if possible, enjoy kinky hair EVEN more. I have to be careful that my head doesn't get big.



Models Damaris: afro decorated with a flower from the webshop. 

Dinotra artful kwikwiba with beads and hair jewelry from the webshop.

The theme of the lecture this time was the transformation to frizzy hair. This is the subject of Going Natural, the new book that will be published in Dutch this year. Since the audience was predominantly frizzy-haired, topics from the book yet to be translated were highlighted that would be of interest to everyone. For example, "Mental Transformation" and "Product use" were discussed.

According to a survey conducted among a handful of visitors, the evening was informatively very successful. Compared to last time, more facts were discussed and the visuals were certainly convincing. Especially the visitors who experienced the lecture for the first time were impressed. 

 One criticism, however, was that this time there was no video screen for those who hadn't been able to get a seat. This resulted in an overcrowded and sometimes noisy hall. Also the fact that not everyone had received a ticket for a chance to win a calendar, did not sit well with everyone.

Hairdresser Nicole Simson had not only once again provided beautiful haircuts. She had even made sure that the models had rehearsed a dance. The public was wildly enthusiastic about this. I also had help behind the scenes from hairdresser Jannelle this time. The day would not have been possible without the 200% commitment of the hairdressers, models and sponsors.

All in all, I think the evening can be described as a success. Although I am extremely happy with the turnout, I had not counted on such an audience this time. The lecture was held on a weekday, also the first working day of 2006. Nevertheless, it was a real pleasure to meet visitors such as Marjan, Hortensia and Vivica in person. The presence of Lucia Rijker also surprised me very, very pleasantly. For those who don't know her she is the four-time world champion kick boxer who plays in Million Dollar Baby. A film that has won no less than 4 Academy Awards. 

I would like to thank everyone for both the candid critiques and the words of praise. Both inspire to perfect the Sabi Wiri Dei. With your learning points and some new ideas I am already working on the next lecture. Until then!

 Many political parties would be jealous of such a turnout," commented one visitor with a chuckle. 

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