Cornrows Twist Out Haircut

Fab Fro Hairdo

Fab froStart with some twists. To make sure your hair stays soft and moist, but also that the curls stay in place, apply a small amount Silky Shea Hair Butter on your hair that you have previously washed with Herbal Shampoo. Both the Almond and Peppermint scents are gentle on sensitive natural hair. Only when you are done twisting in single strand twists, the hair automatically starts to take on the structure of the twists.

You can just let your hair dry while the Silky Shea Hair Butter does her job. But if you want to make sure your hair is fuller, make big braids of the twists when the hair is almost dry. Cornrows also provide the same effect.

Loosen the hair when your hair is completely dry and style it further with your fingers. Before you know it you see yourself with the fab fro.

Are you missing something? You might like to add some festive cheer to your random strands of hair by coloring it a warm red. Besides, any color that matches your skin tone or personality will complete this hairstyle and make you look fabulous.

This hairstyle is also suitable for long, medium and short natural hair. Be beautiful this holiday season with this hairstyle.

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