False Braids Hairstyle

False braids to grow frizzy and curly hair

False braids are more popular than ever. You see fake braids in all kinds of shapes from box braids to crochet braids, which are actually more like a weave. The creativity is endless and false braids are fun, straight and fun, but did you know that they are also great for growing your hair out?

braid hairstyle for hairshow

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When I went frizzy I didn't know any better. All I could do was have my totally broken hair braided in to camouflage the relaxed damage as much as possible. For years I have braided my hair and through trial and error I have learned how to use false braids to restore your own hair and grow it back to health. You can too if you follow these simple steps.

1) Clean Start

A good start is half the work. Start with clean hair and a clean scalp. Your hair really doesn't get any better if you add false hair to hair strands that have not been cleaned. So wash your hair first with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo and then condition with the Going Natural Detox conditioner. A clean tingling scalp will thank you.

2) Braiding with the Silky Shea

Lubricate your own hair with the Silky shea hair butter before adding false hair to your own hair. The Silky shea with organic shea butter not only keeps your hair soft and supple, it will also protect your hair from the cuts of the false hair.

3) Scalp Conditioning Spray

Very important, perhaps the most important when wearing false braids, is the care of the scalp. Especially if you want to grow your hair, it is essential to keep the scalp clean, fresh and healthy. Use the Scalp conditioning spray with MSM, Green and White tea extract daily to give the hair follicles a growth boost and at the same time maintain your own hair under the braids.

4) Going Natural Herbal Shampoo

Wash the hair every week with the Going Natural Herbal shampoo. Conditioning is not necessary when wearing false braids as it will only leave residues that are not conducive to hair growth. Keeping the false braids clean is of course essential.

5) False Braids Care

Whatever hair you decide to buy, rinse it with baking soda or apple cider vinegar before adding it to your own hair. False hair has been treated with chemicals that you do not want in the hair.

Also make sure that the hair is not too thinly braided. The parts should always be larger than the diameter of a pencil. Micro braids are disastrous for your own hair. They break the hair.

Leave the braids in the hair for at least six weeks, but no longer than ten weeks. This is necessary to give hair and scalp time to relax and grow. Removing the false braids after a week or two puts way too much stress on the hair in a short period of time. The hair has not had enough time to rest and grow.

6) No More Knots to Remove the Braids

Spray the hair with the No More Knots Detanger when it's time to remove the false braids. Let it sit like this for at least half an hour or an evening is also possible. For further instructions on how to get the best out of your hair, see Braids, that's how you get them out

Especially for those who want to grow hair with false braids, I have it Braid Package composed. Now you can order the right products with a 4 euro discount to also grow your hair with false braids.