Defined curls

This Deep Conditioner gives super defined curls and a great shine!

Cornelly H Lienga from Paramaribo is one of the most active members of the group Frizzy hair Enzo on Facebook. With a love for Black Hair… she often shows how to make the most beautiful hairstyles with frizzy hair. An inspiration for many ladies that I could not withhold from you. Especially not now that she is also a fan of the Going Natural Hair Products. 

She says the following about the Going Natural Deep Conditioner: Deep Conditioning: Going Natural Deep Conditioner .I have been using this DC for a while and it works for 20 minutes and then rinse. It gives me super defined curls and great shine.

To the question: Do those curls stay even when that hair is dry? Cornelly replied:

Will depend on your hair and what you do with it. After washing I do not comb my hair. I do the LOC method and twist / braid the same. My curls stay.

The LOC method is an abbreviation for the order in which hair products are used: Liquid, Oil, Cream, so liquid, oil and cream. Although the LOC and LCO method is often used in the Natural Hair community, it also works well for ladies who are relaxing. 

When asked if she is "dogla" she replied: "No..."not dogla's" can also have beautiful hair".

Instructions: Wash your hair with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo. Then apply the deep conditioner to towel-dried hair. Do this part by section and comb the conditioner through the hair.

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defined curls in frizzy hair cornelly1

Cornellie also has a facebook page. You can follow her on The-Nhair-Queen-Cortje. Order the Going Natural Deep Conditioner now on FromUsByUs, the marketplace for Frizzy hair products.