Twist Out Definition vs Curl Definition

Twist Out Definition vs Curl Definition

What you need is clean, washed hair, preferably also conditioned, a lot of product and a lot of patience. You have to comb the product, a lot of it, well through the hair. Of course you can't do it all at once, you have to do it in parts.

Even if your hair isn't long enough, this is excruciatingly exhausting, believe me, I personally did it when my hair was neck length.

When the stuff finally gets really good through your hair, you still have to let it dry. That means with a bath towel around the shoulders because the stuff leaks of course, but not only that. Drying frizzy hair can take hours if it's so full of hair products, especially if you don't have a hair dryer. If you then have a hair dryer, it will dry faster, but then the curls will collapse again. Do you recognize this?

Well, all this is the reason I invented the Twist Out years ago, when it didn't have a name. I definitely didn't have the patience to spend hours on my hair for a kind of curly look that only lasts half a day. When you go to sleep, the curls naturally deform again and there is a chance that the hair is full of residues if you have not used the right products. No, for me the measure was already full after one try.

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Impatience seems a virtue in this case. Instead of letting go of my hair, I started twisting my hair. This twist out is the very first twist out that has made the rounds on the internet. The photos were taken by Keston Duke in 2005.

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Years later I decided to give curl definition another chance. It worked out better then and I'm glad I did it. Not only was it better, I also took pictures. See the photos from 2009 here.

Still, the twist out remained the winner for me: easier to make, faster to do and longer lasting. That's how I became the twist out master.  

When I developed my products, products for a perfect twist out could not be missed: Mix the Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter with the Herbal Styling Gel and viola, the perfect combination for twist out curl definition. Here are the videos to see variants of the twist out master. One thing is for sure, this method works! Whether you have 4C hair or more curly hair, the Going Natural products will show your curls to their fullest!   

If you try it, don't forget to email us pictures.

Adenike is one of the hairdressers who have perfected the twist out. Watch her at work. 

How I did the easy twist out until the last before I started luring. 

Cherelice has also been able to make a very nice tight twist out with the Going Natural Hair Products: Video and photos of Cherelice's Twist out with the Going Natural Hair Products

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