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Sabi Wiri, a weekend that uproots bad hair, highlights the beauty of frizzy hair and focuses on hair care

The goal of Going-Natural Hair Care is healthier hair for the Surinamese woman. You achieve this not only with good hair products and good hair care, but above all by highlighting the causes of hair problems, so that they can be uprooted and then solved. That is the motto of Drs. Mireille Liong, owner of the Going-Natural Hair care product line, launched in America late last year.

What makes the Sabi Wiri weekend unique is precisely that holistic approach to hair care that is tackled in its entirety. From March 17, hair problems will be highlighted, uprooted and solutions offered by Going Natural Hair Care through an exhibition, workshops, a documentary and a dialogue.

In addition to the presentation of the Going Natural Hair Products on Thursday 17 March, the Sabi Wiri weekend will also be opened with the exhibition "Bad hair uprooted." This is an exhibition that highlights the versatility of frizzy hair with hairstyles that have started the online revolution of natural hair and a book that chronicles the unwritten history of frizzy hair. The walk-in starts at 7am.

The documentary "The Going Natural Video Diaries" will be screened on Friday March 18, followed by a dialogue to shed light on the impact of the frizzy hair revolution on contemporary society from all sides. To achieve this, Minister Peneux of Education and ex-Minister Misiedjan of Justice were invited to participate in the panel.

On Saturday 19 March there will be workshops that not only discuss the basic care of frizzy and curly hair, but also hair growth and offer students the opportunity to ask questions personally.

All activities are held at Spice Quest at the Dr. Nassylaan 107. For more info and to pre-order the book visit kroeshaar.com.

More information and registration for the workshop via:
info@orga-nice.org / 8956440


Thursday 7:00 pm - Opening exhibition, Book and Going Natural Hair Care presentation.

Friday 7:00 pm - Documentary Going Natural Video Diaries and Dialogue

Saturday: 10:00 am - Workshops Frizzy hair care with the Going Natural Hair Products

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