Frizzy Hair in Box Braids

Fired because you don't have your color with you and then also wear braids

When Gaia Skye shared her racist experience on Facebook, she didn't expect to get more than 7.000 likes in a day, nor did her mailbox overflow. The employer who fired her for having a serious problem with her box braids on top of her color had 24 negative reviews within 563 hours.

Frizzy Hair in Box Braids

It's hard to believe that an employer today can say, "We have a serious problem. Your hair!!! You don't have your color with you but this!!!"

But this was exactly what Barry of Barry's Haarmode Bvba Tegen Gaia Skye said when she came to work with braids, box braids, for a change. If you think that's the worst, you're wrong. He went even further:

I can already see I'm losing my customers. I can already see it happening. Did you even consider asking me for permission first? This is really not possible!! People can seriously scare you. No... you don't think about that, no this is really not possible for me it stops here. I am completely in shock at your appearance."

So Mr. Barry is in chock thinking he's going to lose customers over Gaia's appearance with box braids and worse, she should have asked permission! Denigrating is bad enough, but that racist on top of it really beats everything. Consent for what? Have you ever heard that a White woman has to ask permission to wear her hair a certain way? Then why should we?


When Gaia points out that this is racist, the unwitting Barry says: If one of your colleagues comes in tomorrow with blue hair or a piercing in their lip, I have to say something about it too.. This is too.

This phenomenon is what I run into every time. Blue hair, a nose piercing, extreme hairstyles cannot be lumped together with braids or frizzy hair in general. Braids are natural for frizzy hair. Braids ARE for frizzy hair. That's the ultimate way to wear frizzy hair. Smoothing frizzy hair is extreme. That's unnatural that's what destroys the hair. Just like an Afro would be extreme for smooth hair because it requires either adding dangerous chemicals or applying extreme measures like flax. But that doesn't mean that an Afro is extreme in itself. New! They are two completely different hair types and they require completely different guidelines and standards.

Not surprisingly, Gaia's experience went viral on facebook, because as it always goes with racism, it's not meant that way, you should especially not be so sensitive, because the person is really not a racist. Fortunately, there is Facebook that you can press with your nose on social facts.

facebook support against racismNegative facebook reviews against racism

Not only in the form of likes, shares and comments did our kross heroine get support, her friends even took to Barry's facebook page to let him know how wrong he is. The negative reviews that he continuously tried to remove kept pouring in. You would think this gentleman would come to see that he had made a big mistake. What did Barry do though, he demanded that Gaill remove the post from her page and even threatened to go to the police otherwise.

It is all too bizarre for words, but I am glad that Gaia has now filed a report and that the temporary employment agency will also make work of the matter. You can read the whole story yourself in the links below. I am very curious about your reactions and wonder how you would react. Would you also file a report?

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