A journey from indecision

A journey from indecision

A journey from indecision
A journey from indecision

A journey from indecision to a decision
As I informed you in October, I started wearing dreadlocks. There's no turning back. The reason why I took a while to write my story was because I wanted to store all impressions well and experience enough to be able to build a story around it.



My decision
After walking around with an afro that kept getting bigger and thicker, I started thinking about what I wanted with my hair. Cutting my hair has definitely done me good, I have never regretted it for a single moment. There was 1 day that I was short of time to style my hair before I went out in the morning and thought back to the 'so-called' ease with straight hair, but that thought did not stay with me so much that I longed for the old life with straight hair. My hair could do as it pleased after eleven years and it still feels like a liberation.

Dreadlocks have always fascinated me over the years, I find it inspiring how people both white and colored present this hairstyle. A number of reactions and comments that I have heard, when I polled the opinions about dreadlocks in my environment and in the media, are: You can never untie dreads, can you? You can never do your hair differently, that's always the same style, right? If you want something different, you have to cut your hair 'again', you won't find a job that way, will you? You can't wash your hair then, it will soon look unkempt, oh a girl with dreads and are you sure what you're getting yourself into?

Only a few people have responded positively out of enthusiasm. In short; if I had listened to the majority of the reactions from my environment and whether I had been guided by that and or assisted in making a choice, I would have had straight hair until now and I would not have felt the way I felt now. When I look at the photos I have of my straight hair period, I look like a completely different person with my frizzy hair. Now it seems like I've never had long hair. It's the people around me that remind me of it and the photos from that time that confirm what I looked like back then.

My hair grew and grew after I cut it and as time went on I needed more time to style it the way I wanted when I went out in the morning. I didn't see this as a disadvantage, more as a reflection of the fact that my frizzy hair had a mind of its own and I started to appreciate this more and more by not relaxing it anymore. Knowing that dreadlocks is a hairstyle based on frizzy hair, I started to look more into wearing dreadlocks. I wanted to know if I could fit in that lifestyle and if it would suit me as a person. I've researched this over the internet, just like I did when deciding to cut my hair, and bought some books related to dreadlocks for more information.

The hairdresser's reaction!
In July I had my hair cut by my cousin who is also my hairdresser. In October I went to her again to have my hair twisted. When I told her about my decision to get dreadlocks she asked me if I wanted this with extensions, I indicated that I wanted locks with my own hair, the ones that will never come off and that I had no intention of getting extensions now to carry. Her first reaction was; whether I knew for sure what I wanted and whether my mother knew about it. That was not the case with my first haircut (Mom thought I was going to braid my hair, I had also left her in that delusion because she had prevented me from cutting it, I noticed that from her reaction when I came home) meanwhile she has recovered from the shock :-). My niece also indicated that she has never seen a judge before my dreadlocks (because of my studies).

I then told her that I would then become a plumber. Because of that comment I noticed that there is a certain resistance and reticence about the hairstyle dreadlocks, this has not prevented me from making my decision.

In the hairdresser's chair: so to speak;
When I arrived at the barbershop, I was of course asked a number of times if I was sure. As before, the hairdresser had to drink some courage before starting her job. As is usually the case with the hairdresser, there is always chatter about anything and everything and familiar and strangers chat with each other.

When I was at the hairdresser there was a young girl with her mother who both came to do their hair. The daughter had very nice long hair and came to straighten it… the hairdresser indicated that I used to have longer hair than her daughter and that I had recently cut it, now came back for dreadlocks and that I was studying. That girl's mother replied that, it's crazy that young girls don't know what to do with their hair these days and suggested how I thought I could find a job in the future.
What I certainly wasn't waiting for was a stranger who called me my or more 'crazy' and came to tell me what I should or shouldn't do with my hair.

Subtly I answered her that the way I want to wear my hair does not detract from my intelligence. However, I was shocked by my reaction. Later I realized that my reaction shows the fact that I have experienced in a short time how people who only have negative things to say about you as a person based on your appearance and or the way you want to appear, do not. are the people you should let yourself be surrounded by of your own free will, in my opinion these are also the people who cannot (or cannot) let you be who you want to be and who indirectly ensure that you do not dare to make choices for yourself.

In total I spent three hours at the hairdresser to twist my hair. I still had some straight ends in my hair, but the hairdresser didn't think it was necessary to cut them out. Because of the first haircut, my hair fell into a nice model, a kind of bobline, so that nothing further had to be changed.

I haven't gone back since I went to the hairdresser. I now take care of my hair completely myself, mainly because I want to master the treatment of my hair myself and find out how I can best take care of it. Tips and advice from the hairdresser and or experience experts are always welcome. Twisting my hair is and remains a chore, but I don't experience it as uncomfortable. In the beginning it took some getting used to, but now I've come a long way. I wash my hair once every 1 days. In the meantime, I keep my scalp clean by cleansing it with Organic Herbal Cleanse solution and oiling it regularly. I take care of the hair myself with a moisturizer and leave in conditioner. That way it won't dry out. I also do my best to massage my scalp every day to stimulate blood circulation.

The state of affairs:
It has been more than 2 months since I had my hair twisted to finally lock it. It is remarkable to see how my hair does what it wants to do, without chemicals and or excessive heat sources such as curling irons and/or flat irons. In the meantime I have studied two books that are about dreadlocks and from which I get various tips on how to maintain it, such as; wash and twist my locks. My hair does what it wants to do and at the same time I know what I can do to somewhat steer this process. I experience having dreadlocks as a journey that not only brings about a lot in the field of appearance, but also internally. I see it not only as a trend but as a lifestyle. Partly because of this I have found inner peace and I can more easily ignore 'negative' comments from others. All of this is of course entirely personal and is most likely different for everyone. I can only speak from my own experience. By wearing dreadlocks I can be free in what I do and above all let nature take its course, I am witness to this in my own way and honored to be able to witness it.