Megane's Afro

For the first time in my life with frizzy hair in the picture!

Megane's Afro

Megane's Afro

Megane, Congolese, was wildly enthusiastic about her very first photo shoot with frizzy hair. She loved the result, but why did it take so long? Why don't we still dare to take to the streets with our naturally frizzy hair? Megane answers these questions.

Can you introduce yourself for the people who don't know you? What is your name, what is your ethnicity and where did you grow up?
Hello everyone, my name is Megane I am a young adult lady of Congolese descent. And Leiden is the city where I grew up almost all my life.

Did you grow up thinking you had bad hair? Was it normal to see your mother's natural hair as a child?
It was all the hype at the time to have relaxed hair, I had relaxed hair from an early age, and pretty much everyone around me had it too. In my opinion not because frizzy hair is bad, but because people just went with the fashion. I also wasn't really concerned with the statement "frizzy hair is bad" because unfortunately I didn't know any better. By the way, it was absolutely not strange to see my mother with natural hair as a child, because my mother was never ashamed of it.

When was your first relaxer and what was the experience like?
My very first relaxer moment was when I was 5. From my 5th year, my mother has kept it every time until I was 18. After that I was more into the weave, regularly had a sew in. Over time, my hair started to die because I didn't handle it carefully. I got casual bald spots at my hair growth line and my center part was shorter than the rest.

When did you get frizzy, why and what was your biggest fear?
Normally, going frizzy was not on the list. But due to circumstances I did it anyway. On May 29, 2012, I decided to go to a hairdresser for a specific haircut that I had in mind, so that I could grow my dead hair back as healthy as possible. That was not a success a big no go! I can remember very well that I arrived home very unhappy and stood in front of the mirror crying. My mother thought it was not that bad, and because she had already done the bigchop herself, she encouraged me that same day to do the same because my hair really looked bad. And yes, I think you can already feel it coming. So what she had done was grab a clipper and finally shave everything away .. there I stood with my bald head. I had to get used to the new me for a long time, because I had created an illusion in my head that my face had taken on a different shape, and that for that reason I was not woman enough. That of course makes no sense at all. But after a while that illusion disappeared, and I felt completely attractive again because I suddenly had those really nice mini curls!

What was your hardest moment/lowest point while going frizzy? Have you ever relapsed?
The hardest moment I think is that even though I loved my short hair so much, which made me cut it every time, I didn't really see any progress with my hair growth line. I was at my wits end as it didn't grow the way I wanted it to and out of ignorance I just didn't feel like growing it that way anymore. I also really thought that I no longer had hair follicles in those places and that the relaxer has ruined everything. On August 22, 2014 I went completely bald again and until a certain time only wore a wig.

Was there a moment when you felt that your frizzy hair was completely embraced? Can you describe how you knew that and why or do you think so is that moment yet to come?
From the moment my hair started to grow evenly with the right products, I did have an emo moment because I had become so proud of myself. I finally made it into a healthy afro yoooo, whooop whoop! *pats herself on the back* I fell in love with my unbelievably beautiful curl pattern. And oh yes, I am now 100% sure, I will remain frizzy for the rest of my life. Such a beautiful bunch of nappy hair makes you happy!

Why did you never dare to do a photo shoot with your frizzy hair before? Were you ashamed of your hair? What was your thinking? can you do it to explain?
It never occurred to me that I could also be found beautiful with my own naturally frizzy hair. And one day I got up and I thought... You know Meg? You should be very happy with your hair you better rock it! I was like you worked hard for it, and now it's time to share your story with the rest. YES black is beautiful even without the weave and the wigs of relaxed hair. So be proud of yourself and go for it. And that's what I did.

May I ask how old are you? How long did it take you to get it dared and what made you finally dared?
I am now 22 years old, and it didn't take long to do a shoot like this as I became more and more confident. Got a lot of support from my boyfriend, he regularly complimented me about my hair, which gave me more motivation to continue with the growth process. And my mom helped me too. Well, I can imagine that if you don't have the right support from your loved ones, it can be difficult to take those steps. Fortunately, there are several groups on the internet that encourage the Natural Hair Movement, and you could possibly encourage yourself to love your frizzy hair more.

What would you say to your younger self who didn't dare and to all other young girls?
Hey beautiful girl, it doesn't matter if your frizzy hair is soft or hard, your hair makes the person you are, and let me tell you.. What you can do with beautiful hair, not everyone can do.. :-) So proudly wear your beautiful curly hair as a crown, because you are the Queen and no one has the right to tell you that you have ugly hair.

Complete the following sentence: I love my hair because it has beautiful curls. I can twist it, braid it, I can pin it up, straighten it and wear it frizzy again if I want to. Frizzy hair is simply amazing.

How has the process affected your identity?
I've learned to accept myself as I am, and if there are people who associate my hair with ugly then they're just out of luck.

What did Kroes go teach you?
However, that there is negative talk about frizzy hair and that the ideal beauty image is straight hair, is nothing new. What I've learned is that you don't have to go along with that, as long as you stay true to yourself. I know my history and know that an inferiority complex is occasionally one of the reasons that people choose to find frizzy hair less beautiful. But my pride can no longer be taken from me and I am far from finished learning., is the amazon for Black Hair Care Products. It is the solution for the limited supply of Black hair products. Would you like to take a look at the site and say what you think? What else do you hope to see?
It is a great initiative to create a platform for frizzy hair. Very nice! What I hope to see more are reviews of hair products and if possible fun hair tutorials.  

My thanks go to : Mireille Liong, thank you for letting me do this interview, And also I want to thank my mother Flavie and my friend Jordan for the support. October 11, 2015

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