Training as a frizzy hair specialist

Suriname's first Natural Hair Training

Do you want to make money with braids? Then follow the Natural Hair Training. Are you super talented when it comes to hair and do you want to earn money in a professional way as a hairdresser? Then sign up for the Natural Hair training that starts next month in July.  

For women and men who are talented, who can braid very well and sometimes even earn some extra money by braiding hair, there is now the opportunity to literally make it your job.

The Natural Hair training structurally deals with hair care and teaches you how to use the latest techniques from America to bring and keep the hair of customers in optimal condition.

The training lasts four weeks. Successful candidates receive an official certificate and there is a chance that you can immediately start working in a new hair salon. The price for the four weekly training is SRD 2,000.

Sign up via Whatsapp number 8777 448

Training to become a frizzy hair expert