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Acupressure Massage Slippers for Better Health

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These magical slippers massage the reflex zones of the foot to stimulate the entire body and promote self-healing and balance. 
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates the metabolism
  • Reduced body pain
  • Improves sleep
  • Has a relaxing effect
Wearing these foot massage slippers is therapy for the whole body.

Just like a great massage, the 41 acupressure buttons on the slippers can relieve everything from arthritis to foot and back pain.
The therapy slippers help to reduce the tension through your legs and body. These slippers are your personal acupressure therapist, designed to unblock blood circulation so your body can relax and heal.

Wearing these slippers for 15 minutes a day relieves pain and can keep aches and pains away.

To get all the benefits, you need to stand or walk on these acupressure slippers for at least 15 minutes. Walking on this for 15 minutes a day can keep aches and pains away, but note:

When the buttons do their job and get to the acupoints to release tension, it hurts. It feels like a deep tissue massage on your soles, so wear socks to ease the pain or just take them off if it hurts too much.


Wear the flip flops:

  • In the morning when you make your bed, brush your teeth, shave or do your hair.
  • When you're sitting behind your laptop or between Zoom meetings so that your body immediately releases tension when you get up and walk.

The white ones hurt more than the brown ones.
Start slow with a few minutes. Wear socks if you must.
Wear socks and don't go 15 minutes the first day.
Sitting with the slippers on has no benefits because there is no pressure.

Material: PU
Heel height: Med (3cm-5cm)
Fit: Runs true to size, take your normal size
Insole Material: Rubber