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Andural-Intimate Hygiene

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For natural health use Andural it helps.

Andural's goal
Andural is committed to raising women's awareness of their intimate hygiene.
And women's self-confidence in this area. They do this through
vaginal cleansing sachets made from natural ingredients.

The species
Andural has two types of vaginal cleansing pouches consisting of:
Andu-Redika Cotton

Andu-Redika Cotton has an antibiotic effect.
These pouches are good for;
cleaning the vagina after menstruation and counteracting unpleasant odors.

The Andu-Bisangula sachets can be used to tighten the muscles around the vagina.
It can help for extra fun in the bedroom, and it can be used after childbirth.

The Andu tubers give a pleasant and soft scent to the mixture.