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Loc Glove for Locs, Dreads, Braids, Rasta and Dreadlocks

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Loc Glove for Loco Care and Curl Defining

The locomotive glove:

* Keeps the locs clean

* Removes dust particles from locomotives

* Keeps the scalp clean.

* Halves the drying time for locomotives

* Removes odors

* Defines curls 

* Creates starter locs.

Whether you have hair type 4B or 4C, baby locs, a short cut or long locs, the Loc Glove facilitates the care of frizzy hair, curls and black hair. care and locs.

The glove is not only super soft, it is also anti-static and lint-free. 

To dry the hair quickly: Simply put the Loc Glove on and run your fingers through the hair.

To clean the scalp: Put on the Loc Glove, run your fingers through your hair and clean the scalp with a massaging movement. 

The Loc Glove is super soft and can also be used for frizzy hair and curls. It's perfect for defining curls:.

Use the Loc glove on damp hair after you've applied your usual leave-in. Then run the Loc Glove through your curls and viola! See perfectly defined curls.

Size: : 13.5*22cm