The 30th Sranan Dei. So much color....

Sranan Dei's 30th birthday was a great success

The 30th Sranan Dei. So much color....

The 30th Sranan Dei. So much color....

Sranan Dei's 30th birthday was a great success. The weekend of the 30th Sranan Dei was ushered in on Friday evening with a party of the twins Tolud, who celebrated their birthday. The sisters celebrated their bigi jari to the tunes of the New York/Surinamese band Fiesta Sound. As a surprise, the party was closed by Naks Kaseko Loco, all the way from Suriname, who played the last tunes as a warm up for the big party on Saturday evening.


Left: This sweet lady came up to me with the words: "I just want to congratulate you on the success of".
It's a nice site and I visit it often. Right: Rosie King, organizer of Wi Sani.

Rivox from If you want to know what's happening in New York, you should visit his site. Right: Traditional Native American.

I knew the weekend was going to be a success when I heard people speaking Dutch on the train in Brooklyn. They were two friends, one from Miami and the other all the way from the Netherlands. Together they came to New York to celebrate the Sranan Dei. The party was therefore a resounding success. Kaseko, bigi pokoe and ingi pokoe were danced until the wee hours. The heat didn't stop anyone from enjoying the music and shaking everything loose.


As if nothing had happened, people appeared on the Sranan Dei the next day. In full regalia, the Surinamese again looked great. You met Surinamese from all states of America and not one was disappointed in the sranan Dei. On the contrary. They will come again next year. The organization can look back on more than one successful day. A super successful weekend.

Everyone danced along...