President Obama's eulogy for Congressman and Pastor Clementa Pinckney

A Heartwrenched Letter and a Presidential Eulogy

President Obama's eulogy for Congressman and Pastor Clementa Pinckney

President Obama's eulogy for Congressman and Pastor Clementa Pinckney

Jennifer Pinckney, wrote the letter below to her husband, Congresswoman and Pastor Clementa Pinckney, shot and killed during the racist attack on the historic Black Church in South Carolina. A heartbreaking get-together in which President Obama, Pastor in Chief, gave a masterful speech full of hope and consolation without any ties to the truth. A historic and educational moment. Deep and breathtaking. 

 When we woke up on Wednesday, June 17th, I never knew our lives would change so drastically.

God realized that this day was different from any other.

There is no reason Malana and I should have traveled to Charleston with you on that day.

But we wanted to spend quality time with you, in such a special way.

Who knew when we sat in the office, the unthinkable would occur?

But as I sit back and reflect, I am so grateful to God that He gave us the time to spend on that day.

You meant so much to me and the girls. You were our world.

I do not know how to think about moving forward, but I know I must!

I have tried to be strong for the girls, but this is so hard for all of us!

You promised me you would never leave me!

You promised me we would be together for years to come!

You promised me we would watch our children grow, get married, and have children of their own.

You promised me that we would grow old together and spend our latter years without the demands of the Church or the State.

I feel robbed, cheated, and cut short.

I feel badly that our girls will never have their father to watch them grow.

But I am thankful for one consolation that your life was not in vain.

You taught us through your example that we must trust in God in all things.

Today, tomorrow, and in the days to come, we will believe that God will make a way for us!

We believe that God used you to be a beacon of hope to transform our family, the Church, the State, and our world. We believe that your life mattered. It mattered to us, and it will forever change the culture and mindset of the world.

You were our hero and now you are our Angel. Watch over us in the coming days.

Guide and direct us to follow the proper ways. Inspire us through a rainbow to believe that hope is still alive.

Encourage us through a songbird that our love will never die.

I will not let go of what we have shared. The memories of our life together will comfort through the years.


Your wife, soul mate, confidant, and friend,

Jen --