haidy twists

7 months later

What makes kroeshaar.com so special? So unique? That's right. You! Kroeshaar.com is a mirror of who we are and who you are: a colorful person, blessed with frizzy hair; hair with which you can create the most unique hairstyles. Your reactions and photos give this site an incomparable character. See for yourself. This is what I like to do.

Dear Ms. Liong-A-Kong.


Here's a photo to compare my hair growth.
Last year, July 30, I sent you a photo with a twist.

You still have it on your website. This photo was taken after 7 and a half months.

Here I used the Tui Smoothie and then greased it with the hair butter.

I recently read your book and found it very well written, it is very clear, informative and enjoyable to read. I admire you enormously, especially because there are not many Surinamese who write books. I see you as a kind of example, because despite it not really anything to do with your studies, you have written this book and are doing something about the development of Surinamese and people with frizzy hair. 



First of all, my compliments for your nice site. Very inspiring, I'm on the site almost daily and can't wait until my hair is completely frizzy again.
Have a nice day!


Hi Mireille,

Your book has helped me a lot and I recommend it to everyone to buy it.  

Greetings Cecilia


Hi Mireille,
I have received the products. I'm very happy. I was so surprised. Later I went to check my other inbox and found that you answered me. Thanks a lot, I'm going to wash my hair soon. Thanks again and god bless


hi mireille
I visited your web site. I think it is a very beautiful website.