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I would like to sign up for the Miss frizzy hair 2009 election!

These are my data:
Name: Marleen "Marley" Ceder
Occupation: Educational worker
Age: 21 years
Place of residence: Almere
Why I think I'm Miss frizzy hair: I accept my natural forest afro and give my mini curls optimal care so that I radiate in a natural way. That's the best thing and I think everyone should do that. Being natural is accepting your physical appearance just the way it is. By doing that you are as beatiful as you can ever be! :)
Hello, my name is Sheryl Mac Donald, I am 28 years old and I live in Rotterdam.

In addition to my profession as a civil servant, I can also be the mother of two wonderful children.

I am participating in Miss frizzy hair because I have been natural for two years and would never want to be otherwise, I am very proud of my frizzy hair it gives me a huge boost of self-confidence, I wear my hair as it was given to me 28 years ago, YES I have frizzy hair and yes everyone can see it. In addition, I also want to tell my children that frizzy hair is very beautiful, and that they don't have to pretend to be anything else. I think it's great that I'm discovering more and more how and what else you can do with your hair, trying out (natural products except for my hair dye. I hope to become Miss frizzy hair because I don't want to be outspoken about ( my forest) frizzy hair.

I am a mother of 30 children for 2 years,
live in Rotterdam and work in a company that makes switches.

I do voluntary work as a group leader of about 20 children. In addition, I am following an entrepreneur course, to start a toy store with products in the near future
for all children. The store should be a reflection of Rotterdam's colorful society.

In 2004 I chose to give my hair its freedom and I am glad I made the decision. I can only say that I love myself. And am so proud to see that my kids are happy with their hair, they are happy with their skin tone and body, so they are happy with their looks. So far I can say I'am doing a good job.

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Name: Angelique Houtveen
Occupation: student and DJ
Age: 23
Place of residence: Vianen ut

Why do I think I'm missing frizzy hair:

Because I think I can inspire people to go natural too. I can show how diverse frizzy hair is and that it is more than just dry and difficult hair. I used to have relaxed hair myself. Two years ago I decided to grow my own natural hair back. If I miss frizzy hair, I want to inspire people to show their own hair and to show that you are also accepted in society with this.

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Name: Esmeralda Castillion
Place: Utrecht
Age: 31 years
Occupation: Social, Pedagogical Caregiver. I work with young people between 6 and 16 years old in Amsterdam
I signed up for miss frizzy hair because I want to show that also frizzy hair is beautiful and full of hair. If you put the time and attention into it, it makes who you really are. 
In addition, I find it fun and exciting to always take on fun and educational challenges.


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Nathifa Elshot


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Suze Phaff, Student, 17, Vlaardingen
I'm Miss Frizzy Hair because I love my hair. I used to really hate my hair why couldn't it just be smooth and long? I straightened and painted it and did everything to ruin it. After a few years I let the straight grow out but I still didn't know how to deal with it when I did a bit of searching on the internet I came across all hair websites where women with frizzy hair had long beautiful hair. This gave me hope.

I already tried a few small things I read on the internet and my hair immediately improved a lot. Now it has grown from shoulder length to bra strap length in just a few months.
I now also sometimes help other girls with their hair and give tips. I am so happy with my long curly hair now, it is a unique look.

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Jossintha Cleopatra Wielzen, 33 years old, works at Salto Omroep Amsterdam as a production manager/secretary assistant.

I'm Miss Frizzy because, I've been wearing my hair the way it comes for years and I'm incredibly proud of it despite opposition from my family a few years ago I persevered and ignored everyone with negative and stupid remarks with Afro head held high.

My hair is my hair!!! And I love my hair more every day . My great examples are the ladies from the 70s Pam Grier, Cleopatra Jones and all ladies who wear natural hair. I also explained to friends and friends in my circle of friends why it is important to leave your hair alone! Even my sister(miss weave /straight) is round and wears her hair nice and natural and even my mother and brother. Yes it's a mission to wear your hair like this hhaha. In the industry where I used to work (4*hotels) I had to defend my hair several times and always wore it as I wanted stylish, until wild as long as people had to accept it, after all it grows so beautifully out of my head!!! I don't have to make a statement for my hair it's there......


Through the newsletter I learned about the Miss Kroeshaar election and I would like to participate in this if that is still possible! My dreads have given my life so much joy and I would like to inspire other women with my appearance as other women have done for me, for which I am very grateful. They have made themselves very visible!

Name: Michelle Hinds
Age: 23
Occupation: customer service employee



Consuela Verveer, Student Poortugaal

I think I am or could become Miss curly hair because I've never really been bothered by what others, strange people who don't know me, think of my haircut.

Even though the temptation has been great, I have chosen to wear my hair the way it is.

The reason I'm participating is to make others aware that you don't have to be ashamed of your hair if it is frizzy, that it is not inferior to the other hair types and that there are so many options for wearing frizzy hair, so also chic but that many of us do not know or consciously want to. I haven't had all the haircuts by far, so I'm trying it out too. I may not always dare but one night and I see myself with the haircut. And even though wearing frizzy hair as it is, isn't fun, beautiful or acceptable for everyone, I have to accept it first if I want others to accept it the way it is. And not keep trying to change it and see it differently (smooth or combable) than it really is. I don't have kids yet, but I plan to be as tenacious as my mom. I especially think that a frizzy hair style should not or may not determine the rest of my character traits, which happens more often. So get rid of that (narrow-minded) thought, because frizzy hair can be combed and worn with pride.


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