Haiti day in Zutphen

Haiti day in Zutphen

Haiti day in Zutphen

Haiti day in Zutphen

Haiti day in Zutphen
white moms with adopted curly-haired children
A report by Petra Boersma

Finally the time has come, we are going to Haiti day again. Usually about 1x every 2 years, such a day is organized by parents who have a Haitian child themselves, in collaboration with Wereldkinderen, where the addresses of the people come from, who have adopted a child or more children from Haiti. It is always a great experience and you hope to see the parents of the group in which your child came to the Netherlands again. Experiences are exchanged about adoption and how the children, school, sports, you name it. Piet Dijkhuizen is also always there with his stand with Haitian stuff. Well that is always in demand, because there is always something new that we don't have yet.

Do you remember Dominga from Maties? Her mother has cut her hair completely short after a relaxation fiasco and compare the hair growth.

The photo on the left shows Dominga with Jackson and Collin. They are in October 1996
came to the Netherlands from Haiti together

Photo right: integration is never a problem for children.

More reactions from the mothers: Children

The day itself will be held in a school, so plenty of room and play outside when the weather is nice. Another hot item is, of course, THE HAIR of the children. And their dry skins, because yes, the climate here is different than in Haiti and you try to get as many tips as possible from each other or if you have a good tip to pass on.

This year I was pleasantly surprised to see that Lori from Mariposa was present at the Haiti day, and of course I also went to watch and listen to her demonstration. It is always nice to hear that you are doing well with your child, because whether you want to or not as a white mother you always have the idea that you have to prove to yourself that you can take good care of your beautiful brown child worry, in appearance then,
because the upbringing is just like any other.

I paid close attention to how the hair of a girl of about 12 years old was braided. I was very sorry to see that the hair was not a nice black, but a bit brown and tangled. Her mother didn't do much more than put some grease in it in the morning, even comb it
she didn't, because it hurt so much.

I explained to her that from the beginning when my girl was here I always combed her hair and that it was no fun, but that she got used to it and that it is just much better for the hair. Her mother couldn't plait either, because then her fingers would hurt. Well after 5 hours of braiding I sometimes want to do something else, but you either have a girl or you don't and I have no problem with that.

You also saw that the boys were generally very short hair or almost bald, nice and easy. There was one who had dreads with blond tufts at the ends, looked really cool.

The small children whose hair had yet to grow often only had a pin or bow in their hair and I have also said a few times that it is very important to comb the hair every time so that they can get used to it and that it is remains tangle-free. Also, given my experience with Dominga, I have said that it may often be better to cut the hair short and then regrow it simply because it is in bad condition, also due to malnutrition in Haiti.
I also said that it is very important not to give up and just try and of course refer to Kroeshaar.com and recommend the book.

Furthermore, we were just really lucky with the weather and it was again a very nice day.
As soon as there is another Haiti day I will certainly pass it on to you so that you can be represented again, because there are always questions about the hair."

Thanks to goos who emailed the report and the photos, Willeke Keizer who approached kroeshaar.com and Sorrayda van Ommeren who cooperated.

The photo of the little girl with so much hair is by Magda Marten. This is what she wrote: Hi, this is a picture of my lovely daughter shanaya she is 2 years. I am a supporter of frizzy hair for a couple of years.

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