frizzy hair debate women inc

The big Frizzy hair debate at Women Inc with Clark Accord, Michelle David

frizzy hair debate women inc

WOMEN Inc stands for many different women, and this evening the women with frizzy hair are discussed! 'Frizzy hair expert' Mireille Liong-A-Kong comes over from New York especially to explain all about the beautiful natural hair that black women should be proud of. That was the announcement for my first official debate about frizzy hair in the Netherlands. 


'Black hair' has a long history, with many prejudices such as 'bad hair'. Mireille explains, from a historical perspective, on the basis of her book 'Natuurlijk Kroes' what the do's and don'ts are regarding 'black hair'. And as for 'hair': don't make it straight, but of course frizzy! See also

The debate took place on April 16. The panel included Michelle David, American TV host, Ellen Robles, Clark Accord, Schrijver and Rosita Rijkland, natural hair stylist.

The event was super successful. Not only was the hall overcrowded, chairs had to be drawn, the audience was quite involved, which is the basis for a good discussion anyway.

For me, the trip to the Netherlands was more than worth it. I would like to thank everyone who came to the documentary and lecture and contributed to the discussion. I don't need to spend a lot of words on it, watch the videos and the photos for an impression and make sure that you are there too, next time.



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