Kroesedes who attended the lecture/publication

Kroesedes who attended the lecture/publication

Kroesedes who attended the lecture/publication

Kroesedes who attended the lecture/publication

Photos by Haydee Sheombar

Haydee Sheombar once again captured some great photos of crosedes who attended the lecture. Colorful Kroes I call this report, a reflection of us, of who we are: of course at our best. An inspiration for anyone who is in the process of transforming to frizzy hair, is considering it or just always wears all their hair natural.

Left: Michelle, talented writer and columnist of,
just started luring. She also has glowing skin.
Right: Gracia, one of the first kroesedes is a walking ad for BBD.
She always looks sparkling, here with a nice twistout, now her "signature look".

These ladies have been frizzy for a long time and have beautiful, long, thick and healthy hair.


Twisting at its best. Femke (left) was on holiday in New York last year.

Adyana, also an old well-known kroesede, wore 2 beautiful desserts.

Left: cute twists with a color.
Right: Came all the way from Tilburg to Amsterdam for the lecture. All her life she wore her hair naturally, but when she graduated her mother told her to relax her hair now, otherwise she would probably never find a job. So she did that and unfortunately her hair also broke off very badly. gave her the boost she needed to get frizzy again. She recognized herself and thought: ah, I'm not alone.

This is how beautiful twists (left) and loks (right) can adorn a woman.


Smile! These ladies were clearly having a good time.

baby.jpglittle boy.jpg
There were also children of the party.


There were really nice guests


I would like to thank everyone who has voluntarily had themselves photographed. Thanks to you we get a positive image of our natural self. If you are in a photo, send me an email and I can send you the original photo. Again, grantangi and to mails.

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