Frizzy Hair Workshop

Frizzy Hair Workshop

Sorry folks, the workshop is fully booked. Due to the success of last time, another new course: Frizzy hair, what you need to know and more. Learn how to take care of frizzy hair and create hairstyles with the right tools and products made for frizzy hair.




Sorry, the workshop is fully booked.

Do-it-yourself Frizzy Hair Workshop - De Afro

On Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 September I will again give a course for frizzy hair. You can then learn how to best care for frizzy hair and how to create hairstyles with the right tools and products made for our type of hair.

Even more than making hairstyles, the care of frizzy hair will also be discussed. The most frequently asked questions will be answered on a personal level:

How do I combat dry hair?
How do I prevent my hair from breaking?
What can I do against peelers?

In addition, you will of course learn to make hairstyles. The three most popular hairstyles will make you effortless; an afro, the twist-out and curls.

The Twist out

The Do-It-Yourself Frizzy Hair Workshop is for everyone with or without frizzy hair. You don't need any previous education. The goal is to teach you how to easily create different curls in frizzy hair without damaging the hair strands.

Pipe curls or Coils

In addition, you will also learn how to best untangle and wash your frizzy hair. In short, everything you need to know to take good care of your delicate frizzy hair and to look good with it.

Costs 50 Euros.

What do you get for that amount:

The complete care package:

~ No more Knots Detangler
~ Silky Shea Hair Butter
~ Twist Out Hair Milk
~ Buttons Teezer
~ Herbal Gel

What you need for the course:

~ clean washed frizzy hair
~ a towel
~ a spray bottle

To be able to give everyone the necessary attention, I am forced to limit the number of people. Registration is on a first come, first place basis. Click here to pay and secure a spot.

Sorry, but the workshop is fully booked.


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