My first lecture in Amsterdam

My first lecture in Amsterdam

My first lecture in Amsterdam

My first lecture in Amsterdam

On Sunday 5 May I gave a lecture in Amsterdam for the first time. For me this was very exciting. I had no idea how many people would come, but hoped to meet many readers and website visitors in "real life". Fortunately, the first guests entered the building of the Vereniging Ons Suriname well before the start time.

       Delano & Colleague Ir. Amanda Sheombar receives the 1st copy

i.jpgWhile one volunteer was already ready to sell tickets, I was received by Delano with whom I had been in contact for quite some time. The hall was also ready with chairs, beamer, screen, lectern and microphone. Everything seemed to be right, but unfortunately the cable to connect the beamer to my laptop was missing. As a result, there was no picture and unfortunately I could not start on time. Still, it turned out pretty well because by the time the cable was delivered, the hall was completely full. Out of the corner of my eye I saw that even chairs were being pulled out.

I must say, I was in extremely pleasant company. When the first copy was presented to my example wife Ir. Amanda Sheombar, they listened intently. ir. Born in Suriname, Sheombar studied Chemistry at the Technical University in Delft, did an internship in Suriname, worked at the Isla refinery in Curaçao and is currently Product Quality Advisor of the Rotterdam Refinery of ExxonMobilals. She is also a very sweet mother of two adorable children.
After an admiring applause for this "natural" exemplary woman, the audience was silent and palpably sympathized with the presentation. At first, my questions were carefully answered, but gradually people became more and more relaxed. At the end, when it was time for questions, the audience exploded. A number of visitors even had very good tips. For example, it was explained how you can use Aloevera or Simpre Visi, which you can use lemon to lighten the hair and orange juice to make the hair grow. Yes, that last one was new to me too.

                 The audience roars with laughter The afroman

The participation made it a pleasant, cozy and cheerful gathering. The climax came when an old acquaintance told that people in Suriname used to use the leaves of the plant "op i koto" (up with that skirt) to take care of locks. Asfa, also a volunteer at the association of our Suriname corrected him and shouted: That thing is "tap i koto" (down with that skirt). Then the hall was really doubled with laughter.
Although mostly women were present, luckily there were also men. The only young man with an afro was striking. He wanted to know why I only addressed women when men also have frizzy hair. Happy, very happy I was with his presence and also his question. Women still have the impression that men, especially dark-skinned men, do not like frizzy hair. The audience has witnessed that this is not the case. The beautiful afroman was not only among frizzy-haired women, he was also proud of his hair and even felt left out. That is not necessary, because in my first book there are also men on the cover and men are also interviewed on The cover of the new book only features women, because the threshold is very high for us to go from relaxed to frizzy hair. That problem does not exist in men. They cut the hair very easily. But guys, to avoid other misunderstandings, I would love to involve you in and all related events.

The entrance ticket was immediately a lottery number. The prize was a full set of hair products from Kemi to de
transformation support and the hair calendar. Frank Consen draws the winning number. And the winner is.....

After the lecture, there was quite a queue of people who wanted to have their book signed and introduce themselves personally. I must say I really appreciated this. It remains fun to meet readers, website visitors and other interested parties in person. I look forward to your emails.

There were still more questions

My thanks to the Vereniging Ons Suriname for a very good organization. It was nice to get to know Delano and the other volunteers with a heart for the association. In addition, Haydee Sheombar deserves more than a big thumbs up. The photographer has again taken beautiful pictures. Take a look for yourself in the album. Finally, but certainly not least, I would also like to thank Astrid, my dear friend from the Uitburo. She helped me hand out flyers in the gate, came to pick me up, took very good care of me during the lecture and then took me to eatery De Draver for a delicious Surinamese meal. May XNUMX, the day of the lecture, was a complete success for me. I hope for you too.

                                                                Astrid Curry Readers

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