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Are you the 1st Miss Kroeshaar?
Kroeshaar.com in collaboration with SME-OMROEP

Miss Frizzy Hair
Kroeshaar.com introduces the very first online modeling competition. Selected models will compete for the title of Miss Kroeshaar for eight weeks. Each model gets a personal page on kroeshaar.com to show herself from her best side. The votes of a jury and kroeshaar.com members will determine who will be the winner and the new face of SME BROADCAST; the first public multi-cultural channel.

Who is Miss Frizzy Hair?
Miss Kroeshaar is a beautiful woman who expresses frizzy hair in a natural way through her inner and powerful beauty. She is self-confident, full of life and remarkably creative in creating hairstyles. Miss Kroeshaar likes to share her frizzy hair knowledge with others and is happy to provide advice to those who ask.

Who can participate?
Any woman with naturally frizzy or curly hair over the age of 16 can enter this competition. Even if you wear dreadlocks you can participate and even if you want to start with dreadlocks. Women with relaxed hair can also participate, as long as you have no problem cutting the hair during the competition so that it is completely frizzy at the start of the competition.

What does it slide?
- Free products.
You will receive a box of hair and beauty products and accessories absolutely free that you can use during the competition to complete the assignments and show your best side.

- National and International fame.
As an aspiring model, this is your chance to literally put yourself in the picture, in the Netherlands but also in America. The sister site going-natural.com with over 17.000 members is watching and keeping up with this competition.

- The new face of SME TV
If you win, your first assignment is to make a TV commercial for the first national multicultural television channel SME-TV. You can't think of a better launch for your career.

What are the rules?
If you are selected to compete for Miss Kroeshaar, you must complete an assignment every week for 10 weeks. Every week you will receive a new assignment for which you have about a week to carry out. The assignment is complete when text and photos are on kroeshaar.com.

Mail some photos to info @ kroeshaar.com along with the following info:

Name, place of residence, age, profession, why you want to participate and why you think you are miss frizzy hair. I look forward to your email!

The models in the pictures are Charel, Sandy Weeks, Damaris Liong, Mireille Liong and Rubina Peperkamp

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