Writer of Kroeshaar what you need to know and more

Publication of the first Dutch Book about Kroeshaar

On March 9, the presentation of Kroeshaar took place; What you need to know and More, the very first Dutch book about frizzy hair. After a beautiful church service led by Reverend Polanen, the presentation could start in the packed Konings Kerk in Watergraafsmeer in Amsterdam. 

 Frizzy Hair What You Need to Know and More

Daisy Liong-A-Kong, the author's father, recited her favorite poem accompanied by Raimatia, son of the famous percussionist Carlo Hoop, on an Apenti drum.

The poem Wan Bon by one of the most famous writers Dubru, is about unity. Unity that connects the Surinamese peoples, a unity that finds its way through the fundamental similarities across the various cultures.

It was also the message Mireille Liong-A-Kong wanted to convey as a writer at a time when naturally frizzy hair still seemed controversial. Instead of seeing the different hair types as a measure to categorize women, it was time for union.

After Hannah Belliot, Alderman of Culture, confiscated the first copy and uttered words of praise, the signing of the books could begin.

The writer, Mireille herself had a wonderful day. It couldn't have been nicer, she said. My thanks go to all those present and, of course, especially to Conserve Publishers who made this possible, but also to Guus Pengel and Ingrid Pool, who took the time to read the book before it came out.

In addition, also those who ensured a successful day. That's all in attendance, friends, family and especially my dad who recited the poem so beautifully, my brother Jeff who is always a support and support, Raimata and his father Carlo Hoop and Haydee Sheombar who took the pictures.   



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