Reunion of Adoption children

Reunion of Adoption children

Reunion of Adoption children

Reunion of Adoption children


Every year Auntie, a foundation for adoptive children from Nigeria, organizes an annual meeting for adoptive parents and their children. Since last year, has been invited to provide workshops and to familiarize the families with kroeshaarland. This year I went along with Satcha to assist her with some things.


PICT5532.jpgIt was very nice to see the children. Cheerful children in all sizes, colors and scents. Besides that mothers were ready with questions, the girls were also interested in possible hairstyles and hair products. The little ones especially liked smelling the products.

While Satcha demonstrated how to easily deal with frizzy hair, I spoke to a number of mothers. Unfortunately, they are told far too often that the girls need their hair relaxed. Even at a young age. Of course I advise against that every mother. Relaxing only makes care more difficult. Especially for children. With many children I have seen that the hair becomes stiff, dries out and eventually breaks. Luckily, Satcha was also able to show you how to make fun braids and twists with frizzy hair.


Braids are popular among the older almost teenage girls. But here too I discovered that one of the girls first relaxed her hair and then braided it. That's the worst thing you can do with the hair. Relaxed hair is weakened hair. If you are going to add extensions to that, the chance that the hair will break, thin or even fall out is very high. So don't.


All in all it was a very nice day. The weather was nice, the atmosphere was friendly and it was nice to talk to concerned mothers about caring for frizzy hair. Besides the frizzy hair workshop there were many activities. The children could play drums, play football and there was good food. Beautiful Nigerian fabrics, masks and clothing were also available. So I was able to buy a very nice Dashiki (African shirt).


Nigerian Fabrics - Volunteers

A cozy get-together with

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