Sab-I-Wiri Dei

Sab-I-Wiri Dei

Sab-I-Wiri Dei

Sab-I-Wiri Dei


September 12, 2003, Theater Unique
The 1st Sab-I-Wiri Dei was an unexpected great success. I had expected some people but 4 to 500 overestimated my wildest dreams. Who says Surinamese can't be on time? At 19:30 the theater was already full and Unique had to place a video screen outside to also satisfy the people outside the room. There were even people who went away empty-handed because they couldn't get in anymore.


There was also a film crew present

Despite the hectic crowds, the presentation started on time. The public was welcomed by Nicole Simson, who was also able to show her hairdressing skills by showing her models. These 7 ladies, with impressive contemporary hairstyles, immediately started the evening with the song "Den e kar mi Nicole Simsonkroesoe wiri". A song written by Etienne Stadwijk and Desi Liong-A-Kong.

The theme of the evening was "The versatility and care of frizzy hair". To convince the public of the versatility of frizzy hair, each part was concluded with a hair show. After Nicole's haircuts, it was the turn of the models of Kapsalon Zusbena. They came up with traditional hairstyles, for which I could not suppress my admiration, the audience was no less enthusiastic.

During a short break, the people were able to catch their breath. They eagerly took this opportunity to finally purchase the famous brush. Unfortunately, the Sanoush bookstore was already sold out before the break. Not only the books, but also the bulletins, which I had compiled especially for this occasion, were through. To meet the demand, the frizzy hair bulletin is now published monthly in Suriname. The name of the bulletin? Not Sab-I-Wiri (know-your-hair), but Sabi Wiri (know-your-hair)!

Catch up during the break

The program could also be resumed on time after the break. The care of frizzy hair was extensively discussed as well as the latest developments in this regard. The last half hour was reserved for questions from the audience. For a moment a discussion arose about the difficult acceptance of boys with braids in schools. This is due to the lack of a standard for frizzy hair. A topic I had launched during the presentation; a discussion that will probably continue to be had very often.

After the last questions, Nicole, Zusbena and the models gave me a warm round of applause. It was a real pleasure for me. Hopefully the trend has been set. When is the next Sab-I-Wiri Dei? That's up to you. Keep emailing, keep visiting the site and keep asking, then we'll set a date together.

Mireille Liong

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