Hair Consultation Form

Do you have your hands in your hair? Do you have questions about hairstyles, how to grow your hair or which products you should use? I'm happy to help and maybe I'll also make a video about your question right away.

However, in order to get a good picture and to discuss your personal situation, it is necessary to answer the questions below. I look forward to your email. 

Hair Consultation Form







What is the length of your hair?

When was your last relaxer? 

If you are frizzy, how long have you been frizzy?

If you have locs, how long have you been wearing locs?

What is your daily routine?

How often do you comb your hair and what do you use to comb your hair? Wide Tooth Comb Boar Brush Denman Brush Fine Tooth Comb Tangle Teezer

How often do you wash your hair and which shampoo(s) do you use?

How often do you use hair oils or leave-in conditioners and which do you use?

How often do you deep condition your hair and which conditioners do you use?

How many times a week do you exercise and for how long?

Are you vegetarian? 

Do you eat very healthy, fairly healthy, just healthy or very unhealthy?

Have you fasted or been on an extreme diet recently?

Are you on medication or have you ever been under anesthesia?

Have you been under a lot of stress recently?

Describe your hair problem.

Which part of the hair suffers the worst?

If possible, send a few photos. 

Mail the answers, including photo, to