Moreenu2019s Braidlocs

dreading up; Moreen starts her Braidlocs

Braiding again, Looking for nice hair for something else. Again and again the extensions and then my own hair also loosen; what a hassle. I felt more unhappy and did not know what to do. Then only natural. Keeping the hair in the room was not easy to get in shape, I was too tired in the evening to do something about it. Option wigs on the turn. It went well for a while. After a while that uncomfortable feeling crept up again.

 On February 1, I decided to switch to Dreadlocks. Well I can tell you. I have read and looked at movies. Advice to experts asked and to dreadlocks carriers. The Sisterlocks always fascinated me. Eventually I started on February 8, 2018 with the preparation of the Sisterlocks. I decided to do it myself for two reasons; 1 I am very impatient in nature and I was pretty disappointed. I find it rather expensive (yes I know its investment but still no hell).

braidlocs before


There I sat on February 8th at 10pm in the evening and yes i did it. Halfway through the process I regretted that I had braided it so thin, I realized then that when adjusting, I would not go back and so well.

During the weaving process I had fun with series like Soulfoud, Greenleaf and a few series from Tyler Perry. What a relief when I finished and what a pain in my shoulder. The hair looked really nice and cute; nicely divided into compartments a nice 12 inch to start with i loved it.

braidlocs start2

Result after 12 hours of braiding

Now it comes, it was very very cold. I had not prepared myself so no winter hats and caps besides that I thought it looked rather bald? shit what to do now?

braidlocs start

Another deepening in starting Sisterlocks (consultation experts and self-examination). My solution to get through the Winter was to braid the hair (thus the thin braids that still had to lock) in Cornrow lanes and then just Chochetten (nwe verb?). That helped.

braidlocs start3 extensions


I had said it before, I became increasingly unhappy with extension, in addition I also became gray. I only wore the extension for 2 months and then took it out. The lock process was already underway. I saw the hair shrink so it got more volume so it didn't seem so bald anymore. I was quite pleased.

Moreen's Braidlocs


a hair band worn on this my gray hair for a moment ;)
After years I felt so free. The hair has shrunk to less than half but i love it. No more stress. I am now also set to lock it myself if it takes hours; i don't care.

Moreen's Braidlocs


I have been working for almost 3 months now, still a long way to go I know that this is the way for me. Soon another update.
Brassa from a new dreadlock Sista.

Soso lobi.


you will know
you made the right
decision: You want to leave
your body,
your mind, your life.

By Brigitte Nicol


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