Green light!

Last week has been a busy week with regard to the preparations for the documentary. I am busy with the scenario, how should the story of this documentary run so that it is interesting for everyone to watch.


While I was busy wrestling with my screenplay, I had to prepare for my MOCK exam, an interim presentation of my graduation work to two teachers. You get 15 minutes to tell your story, after which they determine whether it is interesting, feasible within the time (until the end of June) and good for your development.

“Evelyne, go ahead,” one of my teachers said calmly.

“As you know, I'm going to make a documentary about the search for the love for frizzy hair, in this case my own frizzy hair. I and many with me have the habit of not liking my own frizzy hair in advance. I think this is due to the beauty ideal that prevails: Long, smooth and shiny hair, which is the opposite of frizzy hair. With this film I hope to inspire people to love their own hair, at least if I can do it myself…” This is something that still bothers me. I'm seriously going to look for the love for frizzy hair because I haven't found it yet, but I hope I will eventually find it.

“Is that so? That people with frizzy hair don't like their own hair? And how do you want to portray that?” My teacher looked at me quizzically.

“I think it is yes, nowadays it is more than normal to hide or straighten your hair if you have frizzy hair. We think we are more beautiful roulette with straight hair or someone else's hair and have plenty of examples to prove it. Just think of Beyonce or Naomi Cambell. It comes from somewhere, of course, and that's something I want to show.

How I want to portray it is surprising but true: even though I much prefer to be behind the camera instead of in front of it… it's going to be a participatory documentary, so I'm going to play a major role in it. I want to visit different people to find out how I can find that love again. Think of Miss Frizzy Hair 2010 (Carol Oron). Last year Miss Kroeshaar elections were held via the website I very much hope that Miss Frizzy hair can positively influence me to find the love for frizzy hair again.

In addition, my sisters will also play an important role, because we all have the same problem. And then our boyfriends, how do they actually handle our mood swings when it comes to our hair.

It's an important topic  in the frizzy hair culture, which I want to portray in a light-hearted and occasionally comical way so that it is also fun to watch for people who know nothing about frizzy hair.”

As I told my story, I became more and more enthusiastic and noticed that my teachers were also becoming more and more curious. They saw the need for the documentary and eventually gave me the green light to get started on this project.

“Evelyne, are you mindful that it doesn't turn into a giggling - sisters - in front of the mirror - home video? That would be a shame, wouldn't it!" Full of conviction I said I would definitely pay attention to that, that's the last thing I want to make. This will of course be a huge challenge!