Moreen's Braidlocs

dread up; Update 5 months Braidlocs

I've switched to dreads for 5 months now. I like it very much. I don't understand why I didn't make the switch sooner. My hair feels healthy and it looks healthy too.


Moreen's Braidlocs
I've gotten a lot more compliments so far than before. Unfortunately I have to conclude that it is mainly brothers who don't really like it, oh well who cares luckily there are still plenty who charge me with compliments regarding my locs, in addition, it is the sisters, Big up for the sisters who are very supportive.

I am now in Suriname and notice that this climate is excellent for my hair growth, structure and strength. In the morning in the shower with my head a little bit of coconut oil in the moist and there i go. It's just a wonderfull feeling, it feels nice and soft and supple. I was hoping to see many more women with natural here (mainly Parbo and Nickerie), unfortunately. It is striking that people here are very creative with the extensions and the weaving. The time was of course too short to be able to give an objective opinion. Just a sighting. Back to my hair. As I said before, this tropical climate is very good for the hair. It grows and blooms just take a look. I had to lock it here again.

Moreen's Braidlocs

I experience it differently in the Netherlands. To be honest, I expected that after a while I would be fed up and put on a wig again. I still feel free and happy and very happy with my choice. Despite my smooth hair growth and the joy of being in Suriname, my stay is marked by my Lupus disease. Tired and tired faster. Fortunately for me, my resistance does not affect my hair growth, which was the case in the past. Next time more about it.

Back in the Netherlands I clearly notice the difference my hair feels a little stiffer. I bought a small spray bottle filled with water and spray the hair on a regular basis. (it feels really nice). The hair therefore feels nice and soft and supple, just like in Suriname.

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people this is all for now. SA big and happy shout to yall.
Odi Odi.
When a new day begins, dare to smile gratefully Steve Maraboli.