8 Tips to Grow Frizzy Hair

How to grow afro hair

The myth that frizzy hair is difficult to grow has long been debunked. It is true that people with frizzy hair often unconsciously damage the hair with chemicals or simply by treating the hair incorrectly. Because of the many possibilities that the frizzy hair offers to create all kinds of hairstyles, people often go too far with experimentation, causing the hair to fall out or break. Here are tips for growing frizzy hair.

1 - Minimize hair combing and brushing If you want to let frizzy hair grow freely, it is important that you do not damage the hair. Some people are constantly busy with their hair, combing, brushing to their heart's content, often without taking any precautions to prevent the hair from breaking. In the past, frizzy hair was combed with a pitcher of water in which the comb was always dipped, to prevent the hair from breaking. Nowadays you can use the No More Knots spray your hair while combing. In combination with the Silky Shea Hair Butter the comb not only glides through the hair super easily, your hair remains supple and the butter protects the hair from drying out. No More Knots to untie frizzy hair

Get rid of knots, hair products to untangle frizzy hair 

2 - Wear/choose "Protective hairstyles" such as box braids Protective hairstyles are understood to mean, braiding, with or without hairpieces or or waving hair. The advantage of protecting your hair is that you do not have to comb the hair for a while, so that it can continue to grow undisturbed. Protective styling is therefore good, if you use this style in the right way. Read also Braids to make hair grow.


3 - Keeps your scalp clean, free of products and product build-up. Frizzy hair often has to endure, because people are constantly discovering and using new products. All the different oils and fats that are massaged into the hair can cause accumulation, which prevents the hair from growing properly. Sometimes this results in itching on the scalp. To remove the buildup, you can Detox Deep Conditioner use. Detox Deep conditioner

Detox Deep Conditioner

4 - Avoid products that dry out the hair. Hair products are often full of ingredients that dry out the hair. Look at the list of ingredients to avoid to know what these are. At the top are ao:
  • Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)...
  • parabens. ...
  • Sodium Chloride. ...
  • Polyethylene Glycols (PEG)...
  • Formaldehyde. ...

5 - Use a Scalp Spray when wearing braids. Your hair naturally protects the scalp, but when you wear box braids or cornrows, the scalp is suddenly unprotected. Since your scalp is then exposed to the environment, it is good to take care of it and protect it from a polluted environment, the sun or the cold. The Scalp Conditioning Spray is one of the best products to protect your scalp, to prevent itching and to care for it. The Tineke's Healthy Hair Growth Spray is at least as good and also promotes hair growth.

6 - Cut dead ends with good sharp, preferably professional scissors. No one really likes cutting hair, but dead ends are not only disfiguring, but split further if you don't point them in time. So they are not conducive to her growth. Trim them regularly, and you will notice that your hair will look better and, above all, that it will be easier to untangle.

7 - Take the time to comb out the hair. You have to comb the hair carefully to avoid breaking it. There are several products that “detangle” the hair, for example: the No More Knots and the Silky Shea Hair Butter . Using these products really makes a world of difference. You experience this immediately when you comb.

8. Locate your hair. Loccen is the most natural way to grow frizzy hair. There are several ways to start with locs. Keep in mind that everyone's hair locks differently. Rather go to a specialist instead of. to experiment yourself. see my blog about my Locaversary.

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