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Eight most common mistakes in braiding, box and crochet braids

You've no doubt read about it or seen pictures (by Naomi Campbell) of the damage braids can cause. The fact is that braids in themselves do not damage the hair. Extensions are meant to make your hair, frizzy or not, to give it a rest so it can grow. If this is your goal, learn how to prevent damage from braids.

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I chose to have my hair braided with extensions because my hair naturally tangles easily while I wanted to enjoy my cornrows a little longer. This was the first and last time because the cornrows were braided way too tightly. It was so bad I couldn't sleep. The only reason I didn't take the braids off right away was because I didn't want to stay up until 4am to loosen my hair. Don't let this happen to you. Immediately tell the braider that it feels too tight.

going natural silky shea hair butterWe often think we are adept at taking care of our hair, but most of us make big mistakes with our hair care rituals. Especially when it comes to braids, extensions and weaves. The 8 most common mistakes with braids and extensions are discussed here. Some may surprise you, but these tips can really prevent you from having a lot of drama.

1. The first and most common mistake made when wearing extensions is neglect. Just because your hair is braided doesn't mean you can stop caring for your own hair. Absolutely not. Wash your hair regularly with a PH neutral shampoo such as the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo which leaves no residue. Also take care of the scalp with the Scalp Conditioning Spray to prevent itching and peeling.

2. Hair that has been blow-dried may be easier for the braider to work with, but that doesn't mean it's good for your strands. Especially if you have frizzy hair. Blow drying can cause serious damage and applying extensions to damaged hair will certainly not improve the condition of your hair. Avoid blow drying to prevent damage.

If you insist on using a hairdryer, set it to the lowest setting possible, use a product to protect your hair strands such as Silky Shea Hair Butter which not only protects against heat, but also nourishes work. Just take out the buttons. Do not blow-dry the hair smooth.

3. Another big mistake that almost everyone makes is to leave the braids in the hair for too long. Holding extensions in for too long makes it harder to get them out. This increases the chance that your own hair will be damaged when removing the extensions. You can easily prevent this by leaving your braids in for no more than three months. Also ask the braider to do the braids along the edges of the hair every two or three weeks if necessary, as this hair is more delicate and easier to break. 

going natural scalp conditioning spray4. A surprising mistake when using extensions is using conditioners. For your own hair, a conditioning treatment is fine. Unfortunately, it doesn't apply when you're wearing braids. Conditioners, leave ins and deep conditioners leave a film on your hair strands to make the hair supple, but this extra layer ensures an accumulation of product residues, especially between your own hair strands and the extensions. This buildup makes undoing braids even more difficult. So never use a conditioning shampoo when you have extensions. The product residue that accumulates makes your hair stiff and stiff, which can possibly lead to damage.

5. Making the braid neater is perhaps the absolute worst thing to avoid. Many braiders shave or trim the protruding hairs along the braid to make it look neater. The hair temporarily looks better, but it is very bad for your own real hair. When the braids are taken out, the hair will be damaged and uneven. Therefore, using good hair care practices is enough to keep your braids looking neat without cutting or shaving.

6. Despite the fact that many like the look of micro braids (very thin braids), these braids should be avoided as much as possible. Very thin braids can break hair and make it difficult or even impossible to remove extensions without damaging your own hair. You can ask your hairdresser for thin braids, but don't choose too thin. From pencil thickness is suitable.

7. Braiding hair right after using a relaxer is one of the most common mistakes made and one of the worst ideas when it comes to frizzy hair. After a relaxer, the hair strands are weakened by the chemicals, making hair breakage almost inevitable when you add hair. 

The damage is all the worse if the scalp is sensitive and wounds have been sustained during the relaxation process. It is best to have at least 5 cm of hair growth before braiding the hair.  

8. Finally, one mistake that can irreparably damage hair is braiding too tightly. It's not uncommon for hair to be braided so tightly that the face clouds, small pimples appear, or even laughter hurts. These are all signs that the hair is too braided. If the hair is so tightly braided that the hair follicles are pulled out of the scalp, this can lead to permanent baldness.  

So if your braids are so tight that you can't smile without feeling it on your face, take them out. Of course, it's even better to say something about it right away. This way you save yourself a lot of pain and probably also hair loss. 

Braided hair can be easily and well cared for with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo en Scalp Conditioning Spray. See the shop for hair products for braids, false braids and crochet braids.

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Can't you get this loose with a pointed comb I paid 190 for pencil-thick braids froufrou I took off 4 last back cut and yes I see hair roots but you lose so many hairs hey but the rash and itching I can speak of it is now a week and a day but I don't like to get uir but I can't stand this for a week. I'm now with a pointed comb itching ointments pff

lobke vanacker

Dear Mrs,

Today I had 7 cornrows put in at an African hair shop and now I notice that it is braided a bit too tight. I hardly noticed this in my chair, because I thought that braiding cornrows should also be painless. Now I see all the consequences of too tight cornrows and I panic completely. The result is beautiful and I paid 50 euros for it. This is also the reason why I don't want to take it out and look for another solution. I was wondering if you know what I can do.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,
To mass

To mass

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