Facts about Frizzy Hair

Facts about Frizzy Hair

Facts about Frizzy Hair

Facts about Frizzy Hair

No hair type is more prejudiced and misunderstood than frizzy hair: frizzy hair doesn't grow, frizzy hair is hard and the worst of all; frizzy hair is bad hair. Of course nothing could be further from the truth that's why we look at frizzy hair under a video microscope and put together facts. 

 Different types of frizzy hair Hair growth cycle animation from Oxford Hair foundations


     Scalp Hair Types Hair Growth Cycle
Here are some real hair facts: Did you know:
frizzy hair is the most vulnerable hair type?

frizzy hair shines less than smooth hair because it reflects less light?

a head has an average of 100 to 150.000 hair follicles?
hair implant is just as unique as a fingerprint?

a person loses an average of 40 to 100 hairs every day?
frizzy hair is naturally very soft?
frizzy hair can stretch at least 70%
healthy hair can grow for 2 to 6 years?

The above facts are based on research by the Oxford Hair Foundation, among others. In the booklet "frizzy hair; what you need to know and more", there are many more facts.

Hair is like money: starts to give us worry just when it disappears.

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