Bad hair uprooted exhibition

The Exhibition, Bad Hair Uprooted is causing a furore in Curaçao with Surinamese Hairstyles

The exhibition was purposely brought to Curaçao by Marlynella Conception, the founder of Kuralicious. In an interview with Direct TV's Mainte, she stated that the goal was to educate a wider audience about frizzy hair care, the versatility of hairstyles, as well as revealing deeper sensitivities and history.

The event was therefore opened with Drs. Mireille Liong as keynote speaker. For a select group of invited guests, the Social Entrepreneur brought the unwritten history of frizzy hair to life by reading from the book Bad Hair Uprooted, the Untold History of Black Follicles.

That the public was impressed by both the portraits and the history was apparent from the article in Amigoe, the international newspaper for Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Under the headline "Bad Hair does not exist", the newspaper not only reported the words from the keynote, but also featured a photo from the exhibition of a Surinamese girl with pigtails, taken at Fort Zeelandia.

Of the 25 portraits that the organization had printed on canvas, five showed Surinamese hairstyles. Like all photos associated with the exhibition, these were shot by Liong herself, with the aim of both highlighting the beauty of frizzy hair and raising awareness of the unequal rights when it comes to hair.

More information about the exhibition and where it will be shown in the future can be found at

Natural Hair in cornrowed bantus
Hairstyle made by Diana Neiman
TV News Reporter with Dreadlocs
TV News Anchor Sherida Asinga with Dreadlocs
Dreadlocks Styled Rolled and Wrapped
Hairstyle made by Johanna van de Hair Box 
Natural Hair in Spiky Twists
Natural Hair in Spiky Twists
Suriname kid with natural hair in braids and beads