Accessories and pain-free hair bands for Afro hair, curls, and dreadlocks

Stock is very limited, but the much requested shell headband is back. In addition, finally pain-free hair bands that you can effortlessly get in and out of your hair.

Hairband for frizzy hair, curls, afro, dreadlocks and Black HairHair band for kids with frizzy or curly hair

The cowrie shell hairband and the African hairband for kids are now available again in the webshop!

You know that, after you have worn a nice puff or made beautiful braids with elastic bands, the hair band pulls your beautiful hair with it when you remove it from your hair. That is not the intention at all. Not only is it annoyingly painful, it also damages your hair.

For years I have been looking for pain free hair bands. No ordinary rubber bands that cut through frizzy hair and also pull the hair out of your head. No, hair bands that stay in place, keep my hair in shape and are pain-free to remove from my hair.

The first were from the Scunci brand. Oh, how happy I was with them. They were just hard to find after that. What could be found were the so-called pain-free hair bands whose ends were glued together. However, you can not only see that hardened glue in the hair band, you can unfortunately also feel it. These hair bands didn't really offer a solution either, because that piece of hardened glue also pulls hair with it.

Fortunately, the market does not stand still and I finally found them. Real pain free hair bands!

not pain free hair bandpain free hair bands

The pain free hair bands are available in the Kroeshaar Webshop

No matter how long you leave them on or how you remove them from the hair, they just about slide out of the hair, without leaving any damage. Made of nylon and polyester, each headband forms an endless circle.

They come in all kinds of sizes and colours, something for everyone. They also last a long time, at least if you don't lose them, because I've never had a broken one. They always get lost with me. You don't even have to worry about that, there is plenty of stock. For only 5 euros shipping, these must-have pain-free hair bands are delivered right to your door.