Kumba Out hairstyle for frizzy hair and curls

Claudia's Kumba Out

frizzy haircut Kumba out

going natural silky shea hair butterThe first to let me know that she tried the Kumba Out hairstyle is Claudine. Here's her email:

Hi Mireille,
Thanks for this easy tutorial on how to do this hairstyle! It does make firm curls. The hair shrinks quite a bit. Maybe my hair is not frizzy enough for this hairstyle?

Unfortunately I couldn't get better pictures of the back. Keep up the good work!!


It Claudine, I really love that you tried it out and of course I love that you emailed pictures too.

The Kumba out does indeed make firm curls. The advantage is that they stay in place for a long time, but the disadvantage is that your hair seems shorter because it curls so much. It doesn't matter how frizzy or curly your own hair is. In the video my hair also seems shorter than it is. The great thing about this hairstyle is that it really showcases everyone's own curl pattern.

Thanks for the email and the nice pictures. Anyone who wants to try it out, I'd love to hear from you. Of course you can also just upload the photos if you have a kroeshaar.com account. Then the photos will be on the site faster.

You can see more pictures of this frizzy haircut here: Kumba Out for ANNM 2013.

frizzy haircut Kumba outfrizzy haircut Kumba outfrizzy haircut Kumba out

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