Cornrows like wheels sealed with a puff

Cornrows like wheels sealed with a puff

The haircut of the week is by Diana Neiman: The Wheels Haircut. This talented Maroon woman with roots in Nasau and Mooitaki in Swiet Sranang, really braids the most beautiful creations in no time. Her passion for braiding hair undeniably comes to life on every head, hair type, frizzy or curled, child or adult.

Cornrows like wheels sealed with a puff

In Suriname I was not only allowed to photograph her work, I could literally see her at work when she transformed the many thick shoulder-length hair of the cute Clair Parisius into a Rihanna inspired Kwiekwieba Twist Out.

going natural silky shea hair butterSjowen, the model in the photo is only 14 years old, but also has a lovely thick healthy hair of type O or if you want 4C.

Sjowen's hair is super artfully braided in round kwie kwie ba lanes that gracefully end in a chic bantu of braids. A standout hairstyle definitely for special occasions.

To make this hairstyle, you need not only talent and interest in her, but also a lot of experience. Those patterns you see are so artful, you really can't do one, two, three in a jiffy.

What you also need is nice and clean frizzy hair washed with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo and treated with the Going Natural Deep Conditioner to keep it soft and give a nice healthy boost.

To comb it out easily, use the No More Knots detangler and once you start styling, the Silky Shea Hair Butter to make hair super soft and supple. The advantage of the Silky Shea is that the hair continues to feel soft. That makes it easier to remove the hair later.

To keep the hair beautiful, spray the Scalp Conditioning Spray and tie a cloth. Preferably not made of cotton because that removes moisture from the hair. The Scalp Conditiong spray is ideal for all hairstyles where the scalp is visible such as braids, box braids, twists, locks, but also for weaves to keep the scalp healthy and fresh.

Do you also have a nice haircut? Show it! Click here to upload your beautiful hairstyle.

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