Collage of Braidlocs hairstyles for frizzy hair

Party Hairstyles with Braidlocs; from curls to updo Frizzy hair

Microlocs, sisterlocks, braidlocs, are becoming extremely popular and it is obvious why. The thin dreadlocks are beautiful, versatile, easy to care for and the hair can finally grow nice and long.

I can talk about it. In three years my hair is longer than ever in my life, it has grown faster, easier to care for and I can do endless hairstyles.

Glamorous BraidlocsUpdo Bridal HairstyleBraid out on Braidlocs
Loose Braidlocs - Roller curled Braidlocs updo - Braid wrinkled Braidlocs

frizzy hair growth dreadlocks


However, there are two obstacles that prevent many braidlocs from starting:

  1. Lack of information:
    There are a lot of prejudices (dreadlocks stink) and people don't know exactly what dreadlocks are, how to start or where they should be.
  2. The price:
    With an average starting price of 400 euros, Sisterlocks in particular are very expensive.

To help you on your way, therefore offers two types of courses from January.

  1. All about Braidlocs, Microlocs, Sisterlocks and Dreadlocks
    This is a theoretical course in which you can ask all questions about what exactly loccing means so that you can determine whether it is really something for you and which method of locating is most suitable for you.
  2. DIY Braidlocks
    This is a course for those who know they already want braidlocs and want to braid, locate and maintain the hair themselves.

braidlocs updo with dreadlocks and frizzy hairFrizzy hair in Braidlocks, curled and styledFrizzy hair in Braidlocks, curled and styled
Freshly washed Braidlocs - Braidlocs simple updo - Braidlocs, curled, braided and twisted

Why Braidlocs
Braidlocs are the easiest form of locs for those who like thin dreadlocks. Not only are the possibilities endless, they are also much cheaper to care for than Sisterlocks and you are independent of a hairdresser because you can do it yourself.

So sign up now for the first course of January 8: Everything about dreadlocks. Time 15:00 Dutch time.

This course is taught via Google hangout. So make sure you have the app on your phone or have it installed on your computer. Questions that will be discussed: what is the difference between all the different types of locomotives? How much time does it take to take care of locomotives, what should I pay attention to when making a choice, what are the most common mistakes when taking care of locomotives, what are the costs of taking care of locomotives?

Of course there will be more than enough room for questions. So prepare your questionnaire in advance.

The number of students is limited, because a maximum of 5 people can use the hangout at a time, so sign up now! Click here to reserve your spot.

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