Flat Twists with spiral curls for frizzy and curly hair

Flat Twists with spiral curls as bangs; a beautiful haircut

For a special occasion, a haircut should not only suit your face or just look good, no it should definitely be an eye-catcher. That is of course easier said than done. That is why I have called in the help of a number of specialists for this coming party season, who are only too happy to inspire you with handy tips and beautiful hairstyles.

Flat Twists with spiral curls for frizzy and curly hair
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Here's the Flat Twists with Spiral Curls, a hairstyle created by the talented Alta Gracia. This experienced hairdresser from Suriname focuses not only on beautiful hairstyles but also and especially on the health of frizzy hair.

Since healthy strands are essential for beautiful hair, health is this hairdresser's number one focus. It is therefore no coincidence that Alta Gracia chooses to use the Going Natural Hair Care products.

The Going Natural Going Natural Clean Start is, as the name says, a Detox treatment that breathes new life into every frizzy curl and gives it a healthy shine, by nourishing the hair strands from the inside and thus dealing with dry and damaged hair.

Once the hair strands have come to life with the Going Natural Hair Care vitamins and minerals, they will indicate themselves that they are only too happy to be styled. You are then all set to steal the show and turn many heads with a beautiful, healthy, happy and also deliciously scented haircut.

From Stijl

The Flat twists elegantly finished with spiral curls can save anyone looking for a beautiful hairstyle because it gives an enchantingly beautiful look that will undoubtedly make you the queen of any event. If, and when you are planning to take the step of opting for this hairstyle, call Alta Gracia first to make an appointment and keep in mind that it will take approximately four hours.

Although the current model's hair is shoulder length and very thick, your frizzy or even curly hair doesn't have to be that long and thick. This natural hairstyle suits anyone who has the time and attention for it.

The Flat Twists start at the back of the nape and run in harmonic paths forward to finish the hair in flattering elegant curls that not only show the beauty of the hair, but also adorn the face.

The haircut lasts for about three weeks. Make sure you get the Scalp Conditioning Spray used to keep the scalp healthy and prevent your scalp from getting flaky and dry to the touch.

You keep the spiral curls beautiful by making bantu hair balls with a little Silky Shea Hair Butter, every night before going to sleep.

Let us know what you think of this hairstyle and if you try it, let us know!

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Flat Twists with spiral curls for frizzy and curly hair

 Flat Twists with spiral curls for frizzy and curly hair

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