Curls in Frizzy hair with going natural hair products

Going Natural Hair Demonstration at Dio Video

Last year I was able to do a demonstration with the Going Natural hair products at Dio in Suriname. Anyway, it was fantastic to do and the fact that it was Cherelice, the beautiful model with such beautiful frizzy hair that her photo has gone around the world, literally made it even more beautiful.

Cherelice doesn't just have a beautiful head of hair, she has a head of hair with different types of frizzy hair like many of us have. An extra advantage was that Cherelice's mother, who became frizzy at the hands of Cher, could also try the products herself. With her as a model, I got her mother as an extra and I could very well show that the Going Natural hair products are perfect for different types of frizzy hair and curls. Since I now have braid locs myself, I was of course also able to demonstrate how Going Natural works on dreadlocks.

All three of us washed our hair with the Going Natural Herbal Shampoo. Cher and her mother also have the Going Natural Deep Conditioner used as well as No More Knots and the Going Natural Silky Shea Hair Butter used to style the hair. However, after washing I only have the Scalp Conditioning Spray used.

Cher and I both twisted our hair first and then put it in bantu knots while the hair was still towel dry to get nice curls in the hair. That was really the only preparation for the day of the demonstration itself. Basically just wash, condition and style as you are used to. However, the result was surprisingly different!

During the demonstration I briefly introduced myself and explained how the product development came about. You, members and visitors of have always been a huge inspiration. Your questions, questions about products, haircuts and more have been an unending motivation to develop the best products possible. I still know people who were present in the Netherlands at the first book presentation, see Report of the Publication of the first Dutch Book on Kroeshaar and people who attended the first Sabi Wiri Dei in Paramaribo in 2003, see my Facebook note.

So after the introduction there was the demonstration that you see live. The Going Natural Hair Products are now available in Suriname at Dio, Ketmien, M. Oemar and many other stores. In the Netherlands they are now mainly via the frizzy hair webshop available quickly delivered to your home.

The recordings were made by Brian van der Leij van Datasignz CreativeMinds.

Dio Video Marketing - Mireille from Datasignz CreativeMinds on Vimeo.

Dio Video Marketing - Cherelise from Datasignz CreativeMinds on Vimeo.

For an extensive report of Cherlice's haircut see Photo report: Frizzy hair Demonstration with the Going Natural Hair Products at Dio

Curls with going natural hair products