Desyray ElModelo: Hats mismatched!

Hats are definitely a vital step in my fashion pyramid! They play a big part in showing my individuality and my love for fashion freedom! Not to mention they are a reflection of my Jamaican background. I can't put into words how excited I was when I opened my FedEx package and there was a hat smiling at me!

Combining my hair with my hats, the possibilities are endless. I love to fit hats into my wardrobe. In my opinion, each hat exudes a different mood and sense of style. I choose a hat based on how I'm feeling that day and the clothes I'm wearing. Each hat tends to set the tone. I have hats that make me feel jazzy and hats that make me strong. I have stylish hats and hats that bring me to New York even though I live in Jacksonville, FL! I like to wear my hats when I go out and to big events. I love that feeling of being different from the crowd who just follow the style of the doll in the shop window. I'm not afraid to be versatile. I really have a feeling that only when the last prime is discovered will the last hat be made too! The diverse world of fashion allows me to choose who I am rather than what society has determined to be acceptable or the norm.

The definition of variety is successive things that are always different. Unfortunately, somewhere in history it became a crime to be (always) different. Martin Luther King's speech, "I believe," which he gave on August 28, 1963, was the ultimate definition of diversity. He begged everyone to open their eyes to the beauty that lay ahead. Our differences. Different skin tones, hair types, shapes and looks. Unfortunately, he said it at a time when it was almost a crime to just be different. I clap my hands for Dr. King for having the courage to face hatred and misunderstanding. His bravery played a huge part in my neighborhood being able to celebrate its holiday with a neighborhood party. We all come together, celebrate our diversity and embrace the beautiful differences between us. I personally enjoy seeing the children playing with and enjoying each other. It proves that Dr. King didn't die in vain.

“I have a dream that one day the state of Alabama, where the governor's mouth is currently full of words like intervention and annulment, will be transformed into a place where little black boys and black girls can go hand in hand with little white boys and white girls and can walk together like brothers and sisters.” That statement, his statement, will dance with us and prove that diversity is beautiful! And I will also enjoy the many different dishes that are waiting for us during the neighborhood party!!!