Dolores' frizzy hair story; about haircuts, curls and frizz

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Here it comes!

7 years ago you went to the production department at Teleac via human resources, did you already have dreadlocks then?

Yes, I already had dreadlocks back then. At one point they started to break and then a hairdresser with clippers took all the dreads off and trimmed everything….. that was so nice, all that fresh air on my head and my head suddenly felt a lot lighter. My husband thought it was a little less….. I had that for two years and then I let my dreads grow again.

How did your locos break?

They became very thin at the scalp because hairs kept breaking off. That was probably because my hair was getting heavy from being so long. Because I washed it regularly, the scalp got tangled and I had to pull them apart all the time…not really good either.

Now you work at Klokhuis, how did that come about?

I've been very cheeky! I knew someone was leaving there. Then I asked a director friend if he would like to make a short introduction film of me and I sent that together with a letter to “Het Klokhuis”. After about 40 screen tests, or so it seemed, I was hired together with colleague Margreet.

You have very nice dreadlocks. Have they ever been a problem in your job, a job application or something?

Thank you and no, never. It's definitely not a point of discussion for me: no one but me decides whether or not my dreads come off. If my hair is a problem at all..... I want to make concessions in certain areas but I don't really understand what my hair has to do with my abilities.

Many women think that frizzy hair, especially dreadlocks, is not yet so accepted. They are afraid to walk with unsettled hair because it would not be representative and believe that it can be a problem in finding a job or even performing work. Do you agree or is this just an idea of ​​those women? How do you think they got this idea?
It will undoubtedly happen that dreadlocks are not accepted in certain workplaces, but in those circles nothing is probably accepted that slightly deviates from the norm, so no mats, spikes or super trendy clothing. And with regard to the execution of the work: if the hair is in the way, then you can put a tire in it! Problem solved.
To be honest, I think my father (also has dreads) suffered more from it 20 years ago than we do now.
I get only positive reactions to my hair probably because my hair is well maintained. People often think that they are not real, also because they have been around for quite a long time. But they really are!

Why did your father suffer more from it 20 years ago? What is his profession?

I haven't really heard of him because he cared about what others thought of him. But I do know that he was looked at a lot on the street and that comments were made about it. Because boys with locks were by definition, unruly, lazy, profiteers from society and especially drug customers. Now locks, at least in the Netherlands, have become a fashion phenomenon: both white and black now have them.

Was your father your example to lock?

Not at first. When he started I was 12 years old. He was really a rastaman then.
I actually thought it was a lot of "hassle". Dreadlocks require a lot of maintenance and he is old school: “Rasta's who go to the hairdresser to have their locks maintained are fakes” so he was doing his hair every day… wherever he was. Only later did I come to appreciate it.

How did you get started with dreadlocks, with braids, curls or twists? Did you do it yourself?

The very first time I started dreadlocks was after my “curly time”. Yes, I too have done all kinds of tricks with my hair. I sat down in front of the TV and started spinning with wax. (so you'll never get that mess off your hands again, huh!) It looked a bit weri in the beginning, because that curly outgrowth was still there. When the dreads got a little longer I cut off the remnants of that curly

I hear from many women that the initial phase is very difficult because the hair does not want to sit the way you want, it does not want to lie down yet, etc. After how much time was your hair lured and did you find the initial phase difficult? If no why not, if so why and how did you get over it?

The very beginning is difficult yes. The hair doesn't get stuck, so every time I washed it (which happens quite often because I exercise a lot) I could start spinning again. The second time I started dreads, I went to a hairdresser in Amsterdam, Housewives on Fire, who does dread maintenance. I go there once every 1 months. They grab the outgrowth and the hairs that break off again at the dread and put a thread around it at the root. The advantage is that my dreads never break off and my hair always looks neat.
I can wash my hair whenever I want and it won't come loose.

Did they also put thread around your hair in the beginning? Just for your hair, for a twist or a braid? Did you go every 3 months in the beginning or did you have to go more often?

I started braiding myself and when they were about 3 centimeters long, I went to the hairdresser for the first time. They put the wires around the braid 

I go more often now than in the beginning because my hair is now, somehow, growing faster than it used to be when it was a lot shorter.

How do you take care of your locks, does it take a lot of time and do you need a lot of hair products?

I wash my hair about 3 times a week with very regular shampoo. I always put a little hair grease (green DAX) in it so that it continues to look well-groomed, shiny. It does take a long time after washing before it is dry and wet dreads are heavy

Have you never relaxed? If not, why not, if so why did you stop?

Yes dude, I've relaxed, I've had curly, I've had pigtails (I kept that up for exactly 4 weeks, by the way): the whole santekraam!
I stopped doing that because it didn't make my hair happy and in the end neither did I. It's not good for your image as a 16-year-old: either hair explodes or such a retarded rain cap on your head in fog. Plus, hair rollers didn't do very well at school camp either. Finally, you had to take off at least 3 hours before every hair wash.
Curly wasn't a success either: greasy pillows, greasy edges in your shirts and shuffling or walking in the rain was certainly not an option