Berline 9 years old has Sisterlocks

Berline 9 years old, is perhaps the youngest girl in the Netherlands with Sisterlocks. Do you remember Karin's question? Inspired by my braidlocs, she also wanted the haircut for her daughter. After publishing my video in response to her question, she emailed the following:

Here's the link to Karin's question: Braid locs for my 9 year old daughter

Hi Mireille,

Thanks for your reply.
What a fun and convenient way to answer people's questions!

Now Berline has her Sisterlocks!

I wrote to the certified salons through your site and I received an answer from a number of them.
In the end I got Sheryl Lauwerends from called and this was such a nice conversation that we did an intake with her.

Just under 2 weeks later, she set the locks in 2 days. It was an investment, but we really wanted it to be done the right way, as you say in your answer, in pattern. Berline is very happy with it and so is her mother :-)

Washing for the first time took some getting used to, because you still have to 'tie' the hair together in coarse braids and 'tie off' all the ends, but in the end it worked out well.

Now wait and see how fast her hair will lock and grow! Thanks again for your answers.
In the attachment I add some pictures of the making of, the result and some first experiments with the sisterlocks.

Berline and Karin