Micro Braidlocs course

Micro Braidlocs course

Braidlocs Collage

Braidlocs Collage

Do you want micro braidlocs but don't know how to start and want to know more? Then do the Braidlocs course! Via Google hangout but also in person I give courses for the Netherlands and Suriname on braidloc. You can sign up now. The first 5 sign ups get a $25 discount!

Frequently asked questions:

What are Micro Braidlocs?
Micro Braidlocs are a very accessible and inexpensive way to grow and lengthen frizzy hair in a natural way, by braiding the hair very thinly and not letting go. To give you an idea, check out the overview in the Braidslocs' gallery

Are Micro Braidlocs permanent?
No, you can comb out your braidlocs anytime. Even after 10 years. It is not easy, but it is not permanent like relaxers where you never return the smoothed part to your natural hair structure.

  • What is the advantage of Micro Braidlocs?
    Healthy hair growth - The hair can reach maximum length in a healthy way. The hair no longer needs to be combed and therefore does not break.
  • Getup and go lifestyle - Super easy to care for. You never have to comb the hair again.
  • Water Resistant - You can swim without any problem and you don't have to worry about the rain ruining your hair anymore.

Who is the course intended for?
The course is aimed at hairdressers, women and men who want to earn a living starting and maintaining dreadlocks. Especially the demand for braidlocs for children is increasing.  

For more pictures see the Braidlocs gallery

How long should my hair be?
Minimum hair length should be 3,5 cm. If you have relaxed hair, it can be much longer, but the outgrowth must be at least 3,5 cm.

How long does it take for it to lure hair?
This differs per hair type, but is usually between six and twelve months.

What is the difference with Sisterlocks and other types of dreadlocks?
See the video for a detailed explanation.

Do I have to cut my relaxed hair to start with Braidlocs?

No, as long as your outgrowth is at least 3,5 centimeters, you can start with Braidlocs.

Are Braidlocs done with false hair or extensions?

No, Braidlocs is all your own natural hair. Extensions weigh the hair down, resulting in tension on the hair roots. The stress can cause the hair to break.

Is my hair type suitable for Braidlocs?

Any hair type with a curl or a wave pattern is the right type for Braidlocs.

How long does it take and what can I expect from the course?
The braidlocs course is 4 days of four hours spread over two months and you can expect the following:

Day 1) Microlocs, an introduction and installation

How to get started with Micro Braids to get you ready to install Braidlocs.

Day 2) Installation Check, care and treatment.
Once the locs are installed, they are checked. In addition, they learn how to care for them, including a special tool to keep the hair clean.

Day 3) Interlocking: Tracking Braidlocs

After the locs are installed and the outgrowth takes two months, you will be taught how to interlock the outgrowth. You get a special tool for this. This is included in the price.

Day 4) Interlock Check

After the hair has been interlocked, it is checked whether this has been done correctly. In addition, practical tips are exchanged.

On which days is the course given and where?

The next course is in Suriname in January 2017. 

What does the course cost?

The course normally costs $300, but the first five receive a $25 discount.

 Where can I register?

Here's the link to the BraidLocs Signup Form